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Daily Report, Nov 11

Team Collaboration

  • Zimbra Offline-Online Sync … Zimbra added offline synchronization capabilities to its messaging and collaboration system. “Using the same AJAX client UI users will be able to compose, delete, move, search, tag, organize their messages and edit their contact and event information in offline mode and later sync back to Zimbra when they get online. This 2 way sync will give users an enhanced experience and ability to be productive in absence of network connectivity. As part of this release, Zimbra will enable sync’ing of both POP account and RSS feed folders, and support for IMAP will be added at a later time.Startup Squad, plus the official word from Zimbra
  • Google Should Have Bought Zimbra … Charles and others wonder why Google didn’t buy Zimbra instead of JotSpot. Guardian Unlimited
  • SaaS in the Enterprise … Users in the enterprise are already using software-as-a-service in the enterprise, without the knowledge of IT organizations and CIOs. “IT managers are considerably less enthusiastic about SaaS than their users. They fret about availability, reliability and security. They also know that integrating applications from a service provider with their legacy base is no walk in the park.SearchCIO
  • Web Collaboration Market to Grow … Frost and Sullivan weighs in on collaboration technology in the SMB market. (a) There will be increased usage of pay-as-you-go offerings. (b) There will be a merging of asynchronous technologies with synchronous ones. It projects a compound annual growth rate of 31% for collaboration technology overall. eChannelLine
  • Sharpcast Hummingbird … At the Web 2.0 Summit, Sharpcast announced Project Hummingbird … “Hummingbird is the code name for our upcoming service which provides a one-stop solution for effortlessly backing up, sharing, accessing and syncing your documents, photos, music and video across all the computers you use, the web and optionally your mobile phone. It’s online backup, effortless sharing and anywhere access all rolled into one, in a completely automatic way. With powerful sharing and collaboration capabilities based on Sharpcast’s patent-pending universal synchronization platform, working on group projects is about to get a whole lot more fun.” It works on PCs, Macs, the Web and mobile devices. Sharpcast is seeking Alpha testers. Sharpcast
  • Yahoo Embeds IM in Email … Yahoo announced an integration of its instant messaging capabilities with its web-based Yahoo Mail service. “Users can see if contacts are logged on to Yahoo Mail and initiate a chat, and then have the contents of the chat automatically inserted in an email, or email contents inserted a chat with the Mail application. It can also show everybody in an address book who on line and and available to chat.Dan Farber, Marc Orchant and Mike Gotta


  • Palm Responds to NTP … Palm responded to NTP’s patent infringement claims and called those claims “dubious”. “Palm has been in occasional contact with NTP concerning a license to these patents. When Palm last communicated with NTP many months ago, however, each of the patents already was the subject of re-examination proceedings by the PTO. Palm is disappointed that, after many months of silence and repeated rejections of NTP’s claims by the PTO, NTP has chosen to sue on patents of doubtful validity.Palm
  • Motorola Purchased Good Technology … Good Technology announced its acquisition by Motorola. “Good Technology, based in Santa Clara, is a strategic addition to Motorola’s Mobile Devices business. The acquisition will extend Motorola’s mobile computing capabilities and increase the company’s enterprise client base. Good Technology’s wireless messaging, data access and handheld security offerings provide intuitive and advanced productivity solutions for mobile professionals with enterprise-level device security and management.” Given that Good has previously taken on venture funding in the area of $80-$100 million, we’re not talking pocket change here. Good Technology (hat tip, Volker)


  • If Extremely Busy = Standard Practice … then … why not teach a time management course at work … and present the ideas of getting things done. David Allen’s Public Forums
  • Throw Your Projects in the Dump … Michael’s planning a few hours this weekend to update his projects. “Hopefully after I am able to create a couple of maps for my life, I will be a little closer to getting ALL the things done. And any suggestions to help me with the planning process would be greatly appreciated. I tend to let it slide since I am the only one affected by it.Black Belt Productivity
  • Work/Life Balance … If you love what you do at work, what’s wrong with doing it more and more? Kevin suggests that one needs to look more widely than just our jobs and see interest, love and passion in other areas too … eg, family life, marriage, physical and mental health and well-being. Managers Realm
  • The 100% Productivity Solution … Brad proposes the 100% productivity solution, for finishing each day delighted with what we accomplished. Steps: (1) decide what tasks should be done today; (2) only embrace tasks that can be 100% completed in the day (focus and completion); (3) stop when you are done and have a (non-work) life too. Achieve-IT

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