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Daily Report, Nov 3

Team Collaboration

  • David on Email … Listen to David Allen and Merlin Mann discuss email. Is email itself broken and overloaded, or are people just not doing email right? If so, how does one become productive and effective with email? 43Folders
  • Michael on Messaging … Michael opines on the future of messaging five years out. Unified communications plus greater penetration of browser-based options figure heavily in his view. Network World
  • Book on Wikis in Education … Stewart Mader released a book on the use of wikis in education. “The book contains 10 case studies written by teachers that describe how they’re using wikis to transform courses and engage today’s students in a range of environments including high school, small college, major research university, online/distance learning and research lab.Atlassian


  • Mobile AntiVirus 4.0 for Windows Mobile … Symantec released Version 4.0 of its Mobile AntiVirus software, for Windows Mobile 5.0-based devices. “ Symantec Mobile AntiVirus 4.0 for Windows Mobile automatically protects mobile devices from threats transmitted via e-mail and multimedia messaging service (MMS), downloaded from memory cards, the cell network and Wi-Fi, transmitted by Bluetooth or beamed over infrared connections.” The Windows tax finds new taxpayers!
  • Gmail Mobile … Google released a Java client that provides access to Gmail from mobile devices. “Gmail users can already access their accounts through the browser on their mobile devices, but this application brings users the same great Gmail experience — complete with search, conversation view, and automatic synchronization with the desktop version.” Steve tried it on his Palm Treo 700p and says “not so good“. Google PR


  • Productivity is Relationship-Driven … SelectMinds/IntelliSurvey surveyed 1919 professionals on the subject of the link between workplace productivity and the quality of personal relationships with co-workers, suppliers and company alumni. 87% perceive a strong link between the two. 42% are more likely to ask someone in the know rather than check a corporate knowledge management system when they have a question. The most challenging thing for new-hires is building relationships. BusinessWire
  • Being Innovative Involves Challenging Structure … “Instincts are rooted the success stories in your own past. What happens when an entire organization shares the same success history? Instincts become almost unbreakable. Through every conversation, every meeting, and every major decision, shared instincts are reinforced.” Innovation requires breaking through and away from these. ManagersRealm
  • Worker Harder, Succeed Better … Simple recipe … now follow it for the next 10 years and you’ll be world class. Managers Realm
  • The Dash as a Way of Focusing … If you have a task that you keep putting off, run a “dash” on it. Set a kitchen timer for a short time period … say 15 minutes … and focus solely on that task for that time. You’ve made a start. There are other types of dashes too. Comment: I’ve been doing a variation of this recently, and it’s tremendously neat to make *some* progress on things I’ve been putting off for too long. 43 Folders
  • You Can’t Keep Up … So says Kathy Sierra. There’s too much coming at you, all of the time, to keep up with everything. Key ideas: (a) find an aggregator of the information you need, (b) get summaries, (c) cut the redundancy (get rid of new input on stuff you already know), (d) unsubscribe from non-essential stuff, and more. Comment: I agree with Kathy’s general message, but advocate that you need a way of keeping up with the stuff that is core to your personal and professional lives. BTW, someday I’d like to read everything in the local University library … Creating Passionate Users, with some additional comments by Merlin
  • Life is Complex; Get Used to It … Shawn at Anecdote links to an article on the 8 ways to avoid complexity in life. When it starts with “Do not do business” and “Reduce your activities to zero”, you know you’re in for a great read. Anecdote
  • Dave’s 18 Ways to Stay Focused … I love summary posts! Here’s Dave’s 18 ways: (1) write out a daily task list and plan your day, (2) allocate time slots colleagues can interrupt you (Ed-probably applies to email and RSS too!), (3) apply time boxing, (4) setup filters in email, (5) do not check personal email in the morning, (6) set your IM status, (7) listen to the right types of music, (8) use headphones but leave the music off, (9) fill up a water bottle and drink it!, (10) find the best time to do repetitive and boring tasks, (11) bring your lunch and have it at your desk, (12) don’t make long personal calls, (13) clean up your desk (and working environment!), (14) get a good chair, (15) use shortcuts on your computer, (16) close programs you’re not using, (17) limit time on Digg, Delicous, news sites and blogs, and (18) change your mindset and make work fun. 91 people have left comments so far! Dave Cheong

Knowledge Management

  • Nuxeo Core 1.0 … Nuxeo released Version 1.0 of Nuxeo Core, an open source enterprise content management engine for powering ECM products. “Nuxeo Core provides all the services and functionalities needed to build a complete ECM product. It offers a repository model, documents storage management, schemas and document type management, a query service, a security model, a document life cycle service, and a flexible core event service.” Available immediately. CMSWire
  • Oracle Purchased Stellent … For $440 million via a cash tender offer. Aiming to close the acquisition in 4Q2006 or 1Q2007.

Other Cool Stuff

  • “Web 2.0 Inboxes are Ruining My Life” … Ha! So integration of personal data into a coherent whole *is* important to people. I thought so. Mauronic Blog
  • Intranet Leadership Forum … StepTwo has created the “Intranet Leadership Forum”, with annual in-person workshops and conferences, ongoing discussions via forums, and a members-only website. “The Intranet Leadership Forum is specifically structured to expand the knowledge and skills of intranet teams, to link directly with other intranet teams and to support overall improvements in corporate intranets.” Nice. StepTwo
  • Microsoft is “Modelling” … Microsoft is modelling various customers situations to determine where a Web-based office suite makes sense. Microsoft believes corporate customers won’t be interested in such technology, but that small businesses might be. ZDNet Blogs. Stowe thinks Microsoft has its head in the sand, and is going to get bypassed.

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