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Daily Report, Apr 2

Team Collaboration

  • Enterprise 2.0 = Evolutionary … A voice of reason in the Enterprise 2.0 “is revolutionary” debate … thanks Carl. “The powers of online collaboration, new approaches to search and content intelligence are powerful. But their powers are evolutionary, not revolutionary. Furthermore, they do not change most of the basic tenets of human psychology and business management.Fast Forward Blog, also Mike Gotta
  • TimeBridge … Still Coming … Feedback from beta testers has resulted in TimeBridge delaying the release of its scheduling add-in for Outlook. TimeBridge Blog
  • Coventi Pages for Multi-Person Editing … Coventi offers a real-time co-editing service, allowing multiple people to author and edit a document in real-time. Includes an in-line conversation bar. Coventi Pages
  • Apptix Embraces 4.0 … Apptix, a hosting services provider, announced its embrace of Microsoft’s new Hosted Messaging and Collaboration 4.0 architecture, including Exchange Server 2007. Products based on this will be available in 2Q2007. BusinessWire


  • Take Time for Your Creative Process … Let ideas percolate; don’t push them too far too fast. But note too that deadlines have a remarkable effect on idea creation. “The sad fact is that I don’t always stay organized, and my time isn’t always well-spent in the conventional sense. Of course, the pressure of a script deadline is a great organizing principle; it’s amazing how much you can achieve when you simply have no alternative.” And keep inspired. And be careful about your self-talk when you’re not writing. Behance
  • Cultivate Habits that Lead to Goal Attainment … Some goals can be expressed better as habits-to-develop. When forming a habit: (1) concentrate on it for 30 days, (2) then review weekly, and (3) review it monthly. Zen Habits
  • Framework = Freedom for Creativity … “ … that’s one huge benefit of a framework: Without one, I felt lost. Yes, structure brings constraint, but it can also provide freedom to give your creativity an outlet. In the case of my workshop, it’s also making me face the hard questions around goals, clarifying the essential ideas, and coming up with a compelling story and theme. (All the while developing my own brand and identity.) As a result, the process is feeling more fun, and is giving me some solid anti-procrastination direction.Matt’s Idea Blog

Other Stuff

  • Marc on ThinkPad X60t … Marc comments that the Lenovo ThinkPad X60t tablet lived up to his (demanding) expectations during a recent road trip; inking was excellent, and the battery life very helpful. Marc’s Blog
  • Tips to Good Panel Moderation … (1) do your homework to understand panelist’s expertise, (2) remember the panel’s not about you, (3) don’t let the panel meet in advance … spontaneity is good / great, (4) limit introductions, (5) encourage conversation, (6) be a jerk, and (7) surf while they’re talking. “Panels should be dynamic, entertaining, funny, and brave. If you treat your panel like a lecture, your audience will act like bored students. But treat your panel like a performance and your audience will be grateful. You might even get a standing ovation.Derek Powazek

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