Industry Updates

Daily Report, Mar 21

Team Collaboration

  • CalConnect Roundtable … The next CalConnect Interoperability Test Event is on May 7-9 in Seattle WA at The Boeing Company. CalConnect
  • Interwoven Update … Interwoven released a new version of its Collaborative Document Management offering, with new search capabilities, a new user interface, better integration with Notes and Outlook, Office 2007 and Vista support, and more. The Office 2007 and Vista support is coming in 2Q2007, but the rest of the solution is available March 30. Interwoven


  • Success Keys … From Richard St. John, eight things for success: follow passion, work hard, focus, have ideas, practice lots to get very good, push yourself (or be pushed), serve others, and be persistent. TED
  • Overcoming Procrastination … Five ways to break the procrastination habit: (1) make a list, (2) break it down, (3) five minute dashes, (4) advertise and share the pain, and (5) plan for it. GTD in Academia
  • Involved or Committed … There’s a difference. Which one are you? “What I consider to be real co-founders are those that are financially and emotionally committed to the startup. For the founders to be committed, if the startup dies tomorrow, it will forever change their life. They can’t just wake up the next day and have it be life as usual (yes, they’ll recover but the failure will have a lasting impact).Gordon Whyte
  • Be Organized … Laura’s list of benefits as a result of being organized: (1) saves time, (2) allows you to focus, (3) lowers your stress level, (4) distills the important from the unimportant, (5) it may help with career progression. Laura Stack

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