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Daily Report, Mar 29

News Roundup
Collaboration and Mobility

  • The Gilbane Group is hosting a conference on April 10-12 in San Francisco focused on enterprise content management and Web 2.0 technologies. There’s also a vendor exhibition. BusinessWire
  • Irwin thinks though the idea of using Second Life for business collaboration initiatives. “Within the enterprise environment Second Life has significant potential, but also must overcome perceptions that it will cause distraction and doesn’t offer any business value. But the promise of virtual reality is likely to far exceed the drawback.CollaborationLoop
  • Research In Motion announced new APIs for the BlackBerry to permit others to build and develop applications that integrate with their systems and devices. RIM
  • NewsGator released a plug-in for Lotus Notes 6.5 and higher and Sametime 7.5 for RSS feed reading. NewsGator
  • There’s a new independent user group for Groove users. “The Global Groove User Group encourages people to share their experiences of working with Groove collaborative software with others. It is an active community that aims to get more out of the collaborative power in this newly acquired Microsoft product.” Membership is free. Groove User Group (hat tip, John)
  • InfoSpace released InfoSpace Find It! for BlackBerry, giving BB users the option of using its location-based application for navigation, entertainment and more. North America only. PDABlast


  • Take a nap at work and be more productive … if you dare. Do you? Star Tribune, Work/Life Balancing Act
  • From the “other” Getting Things Done book: (1) work expands to fill the time available for its completion–so set deadlines; (2) work when others take off for lunch; (3) protect your prime time; and (4) read selectively, not faster. LifeClever
  • You can’t get everything done, so don’t even try. But do identify the most important things each day, and work on them early to ensure completion and forward movement. Zen Habits

Items of Interest

  • Three things “we” apparently want in a laptop: (1) data protection, (2) chassis protection, and (3) an LCD that’s viewable outdoors. InfoWorld Weblog
  • Reflections from Scot about his recent move to the Mac, and why it wasn’t as bad as many think it would be / could be. ComputerWorld
  • Shai Agassi joined SAP with the TopTier acquisition, but he’s leaving from April 1. He’ll be a big loss. InformationWeek
  • Congrats to Eric on a good webinar earlier today on MindManager and Notes. I was in meetings so couldn’t attend, but I’ll watch the replay. Eric Mack

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