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Daily Report, Mar 23

Team Collaboration

  • Collaboration Tools for Lawyers … Congratulations to Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell on a book contract with the American Bar Association focused on collaboration technologies for lawyers. “The book will provide intensely practical advice for lawyers and law firms wanting to take better advantage of these tools and the benefits they bring. It will take a look at how to use these tools wells, focus on both categories of tools and specific individual tools, and provide concrete action steps and techniques so that even the least tech-savvy lawyer can catch up with the early adopters and successful innovators.” Publication date is early 2008. Corante Between Lawyers
  • WebDialogs Unyte Meeting … WebDialogs released Unyte Meeting, a voice, video and Web conferencing tool. A Pro version includes participant polling, automated recording, and more. Available immediately. WebDialogs
  • GoPlan … webreakstuff released GoPlan, an online project management service. “It offers teams a secure location where they can collaborate on tasks, manage files, chat, and a place to build a centralized online calendar. Users can choose which features to activate for each project, ensuring an unclutted environment in the user interface.” Available immediately. WebWorkerDaily
  • Microsoft Hosted Messaging & Collaboration 4.0 … Microsoft released Version 4.0 of its Hosted Messaging and Collaboration Solution and Version 4.5 of the Microsoft Solution for Windows-based Hosting, for hosting service providers. Hosted Messaging and Collaboration provides a way for hosting partners to offer Exchange 2007, Outlook 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Windows Mobile 6. Windows Hosting 4.5 includes Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, and the ability to host a Microsoft SQL Server database. Available immediately. Microsoft, with coverage at InformationWeek. Affinity was quick off the block to announce new offerings based on the new releases from Microsoft.


  • SkyMail … Pacific DataVision released SkyMail, a voice email service. Users dictate messages over their phones for delivery to one or more people via email. Available immediately. SkyMail
  • Is Palm for Sale? … Further and renewed speculation about a possible acquirer of Palm. Ok, here’s $0.02. Palm was a very able contributor to the handheld ecosystem 5-10 years ago, but they’ve been eclipsed by better competitors. Palm’s a one-shot wonder now, with the Treo. And it’s got a couple of variants on the theme, but in the past few years both RIM with the BlackBerry and Microsoft with Windows Mobile devices have come from behind to take over Palm. I don’t see what Nokia gets in terms of engineering whiz from buying Palm; it’s already got the talent it needs. Ditto Motorola. Enterprises want devices that integrate into their existing messaging, collaboration and business systems. Palm is only capable of doing that because of third-party middleware software. It’s not core competence nor capability. A couple of years back I wrote an article at Ferris Research bemoaning the fact that RIM would struggle to break the Microsoft and Palm orientation of enterprises, and that it would be shut out. Wow, I called that wrong. It’s Palm that’s lost. In summary, I don’t see any strategic to the acquisition of Palm by anyone at the moment. Either Palm needs to reinvent itself for the third time, or disappear. ComputerWorld


  • Overcome Procrastination in 3 Steps … Leo says there’s three things to do to overcome procrastination: (1) commit yourself big time, (2) monitor yourself, and (3) practice continually. LifeHack
  • Be Messy for High Productivity … Counter-arguments on the “be organized for high productivity” meme. ExtremeTech
  • Attitude Counts … ” … the experts seem to agree that highly successful people share at least this important characteristic: an unsinkable attitude. If attitude is the key to long-term, life-altering success, then we all have superachiever potential.” Three D’s to start with: Discipline, Desire and Dedication, followed by five important changes. Selling Power
  • Action Method for Ideas … A model to ensure you get the most from every idea: note three things … (1) action items that need to be done, (2) backburner items that might need to be done, and (3) reference items to record for future analysis or action. Mark gives an example, and discusses where he thinks the model is lacking. Productivity501

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