Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report for June 29, 2007

Team Collaboration Groove vs. SharePoint … Microsoft published a brief overview of where Groove and SharePoint differ, when you should use one vs. the other, and where they work best together. Summary: use Groove for small virtual teams and short-term projects; use SharePoint for publishing information permanently and […]

Daily Report for June 27, 2007

Team Collaboration IMAP to Google Mail … Google added the ability for users to migrate email from any IMAP-compatible email server into Google Gmail. It does impose some new ways of working, however. “Additionally, in the case of this announcement, GMail is unlike most other e-mail solutions in […]

Daily Report for June 22, 2007

Wow, a whole week has gone by without me even posting a Daily Report. Am I slack blogger or what! 😉 Team Collaboration 10 Rules of Virtual Teams … The WSJ recently published an article on how to make virtual teams more productive. Lynda proposes 10 rules based […]

Daily Report for June 16, 2007

Team Collaboration Open-Xchange Server 5 Update … Open-Xchange announced 50 new/updated features for Version 5 of its Linux-oriented Open-Xchange Server for messaging and collaboration, delivered in Service Pack 3. Upgrades include better mobile device synchronization, enhanced usability for Microsoft Outlook, and extended search capabilities, among others. Available immediately. […]

Daily Report for June 15, 2007

Team Collaboration Networker 4.0 … Presence Networks released Version 4.0 of Networker, a secure transport managed gateway for real-time instant messaging. “Networker now enables the secure communications with public IM solutions such as MSN, ICQ and Yahoo. With other Corporate IM solutions, the method of communicating between public […]

Daily Report for June 13, 2007

Team Collaboration Exchange 2007 Migration Concerns … Osterman Research surveyed a number of organizations on their needs from email and messaging, for PostPath, which offers a product to compete with Microsoft Exchange. Key findings: 70% of enterprises are concerned / extremely concerned about the complexity of the Exchange […]

Daily Report for June 12, 2007

Team Collaboration Pivot 360° … Pivot Solutions announced Pivot 360°, a collaboration offering for financial services professionals for inter-enterprise communication and collaboration. It’s an upgrade to IMTRADER, Pivot’s instant messaging and chat solution. “Pivot 360° complements Pivot’s IMTRADER by managing all the information 360 degrees around a conversation […]

Daily Report for June 11, 2007

Team Collaboration McAfee vs. Davenport … Andrew McAfee and Tom Davenport will be debating on Enterprise 2.0 and its impact in Boston on Monday June 18, at 10am. Unfortunately I’ll be teaching a tutorial at the time. BSG, Andrew McAfee Sametime 7.5.1 Free Trial … IBM introduced a […]

Daily Report for June 8, 2007

Team Collaboration Trampoline SONAR … Trampoline Systems highlighted its SONAR (“Social Networks and Relevance”) platform, for identifying expertise and knowledge of relevance within and between organizations. Social Computing SharePoint Conference 2008 … Microsoft is hosting a SharePoint Conference from March 2-6, 2008 in Seattle. Further details will be […]

Daily Report for June 7, 2007

Team Collaboration Zimbra 5 … Zimbra released Beta 1 of Version 5 of its Zimbra Collaboration Suite, an email, calendaring and online documents server. It includes an extensive list of improvements. Zimbra Forums Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 … Microsoft released the 2007 edition of its Live Meeting web […]