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Daily Report, Mar 13

Team Collaboration

  • Case Study: Project Blog … Bill discusses the use of a project blog for a hospital advisory panel, and the benefits experienced by the group during the 8 months of using the blog. “Panel members could now search the archive to find recurring themes, as well as specific comments and examples that otherwise might have faded in memory or have been too time-consuming to locate in the minutes or reports buried in emails. The report was completed more efficiently and with greater use of all the data to achieve a more comprehensive, consensus-based set of recommendations.FASTForward Blog
  • AOL Federation to LCS … The federation of AOL IM users into Microsoft Live Communications Server apparently hasn’t been working too well. But now it does, apparently. Can anyone confirm this? IM Roadmap
  • Collaboration on Documents in SharePoint 2007 … Mauro discusses the new option in SharePoint 2007 of creating a document workspace to discuss a specific document with a group of collaborators after it has been uploaded. “With MOSS 2007, the integration of “best of breed” between Areas and Sites brings this functionality into play! For any document, simply select “Send to” — “Document Workspace” and a document workspace (with that document in a document library) is created. You can add users, collaborate, then “Publish to Source” when done… and, during the whole process, the original document is still available to the general community. Don’t underestimate the value of post-upload collaboration. Documents like policies and procedures require proper editing and sign off (workflow!) before the big push to production.” This was supposed to work in SharePoint 2003 but didn’t. Mauro Cardarelli
  • Lyquity SDK for ComplyXL … Lyquidity Solutions released an SDK for its ComplyXL spreadsheet control and management toolkit. “This release gives organizations the ability to embed ComplyXL functionality into their existing document and content management systems, as well as allowing organizations the flexibility of controlling how information is made available to users. The SDK comes as part of the ComplyXL bundle so is available to client organizations free of charge.” ComplyXL functionality offers role-based security, fine-grained document control, and visualization and tracking of spreadsheet history. NewsWireToday


  • LifeFocus Card System … Jason shows off his 3×5 card for making good things into regular habits. Customize it for you, then carry it around and tick off what you’ve accomplished each day. I’m not sure about the patent-pending bit though. There Is No Box
  • The Power of the Next Action List … Punkey writes how the externalization of his next actions per GTD enables him to make “executive” decisions whenever something new shows up. What’s the next action
  • Negotiation Strategy: Yes, No, Yes … Bren passes on a way of saying “no” that appears you’re actually saying “yes” to the person asking. Sweet. Slacker Manager
  • Take the Simple Option … Simplicity is helpful for productivity; choose the simple alternative rather than the complex one whenever you can. Productivity501

Other Stuff

  • Stop Complaining … It’s bad for your level of satisfaction with life; start counting your blessings instead. Laura Stack
  • Employee Engagement … Steve reports on the 8 key drivers of employee engagement as proposed by The Conference Board: trust and integrity, nature of the job, line of sight, career growth opportunities, pride about the company, coworker/team members, employee development, and relationship to one’s manager. There’s a great set of comments. All Things Workplace

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