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Daily Report, Mar 14

Team Collaboration

  • Microsoft Links Dynamics and SharePoint … Microsoft announced an integration option linking its Dynamics ERP solution with Microsoft Office and SharePoint, enabling users of Office and SharePoint to access data and reports in the Dynamics engine. “This new package, Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server, contains a collection of up to 12 self-service applications that are built into the Microsoft Office release and SharePoint products and technologies, as well as a license for the recently released Office SharePoint Server 2007. These applications, such as Time and Attendance for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Project Time and Expense for Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics Snap Business Data Lookup for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and FRx WebPort and DrillDown Viewer, will simplify access to business information and help connect employees more closely with their company’s business processes.” Available May 2007 or later. Microsoft
  • Xandros and O3Spaces … Xandros announced an agreement with O3Spaces, for a collaborative workspaces capabilities in the forthcoming Xandros Server 2.0, built on the O3Spaces collaboration technology. “O3Spaces Workplace provides any office user with a professional out-of-the-box extension for team and project collaboration, and meets the growing demands from governments and companies for an affordable, platform independent and integrated collaboration alternative to the Microsoft Office SharePoint server.Xandros
  • MindAlign and YJT Command Center … Parlano announced an agreement with YJT Solutions, for the integration Parlano MindAlign into YJT’s IT monitoring and support solution. “The partnership benefits financial organizations by enabling YJT to deliver higher customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. It enables customers to receive real-time responses to IT problems through convenient, secure, and compliant chat-based communications channels. It also adds flexibility, complementing phone and email with an instant group communications channel for help desk support.” Nice. Parlano
  • Litigation to Extend to IM and Blogs … Transcripts, access logs and more related to instant messaging and blogs will become the next frontier for litigation in the enterprise. An organization’s “acceptable use” policy needs to be applicable to all forms of electronic media, not just email, and records retention tools need to cover all things. SearchSMB
  • Outlook Calendar + Google Calendar … Marc describes his multiple moving part strategy for keeping calendar data up-to-date across multiple machines. Marc Orchant


  • Geodesic Mundu IM 4.0 … Geodesic released Version 4.0 of Mundu IM, its mobile instant messaging multi-headed client. New features: photo and video sharing, file and music sharing, email notifications, and cross-device support, among others. Available immediately.
  • Cortado Push Email … Cortado announced a free push-based email service for Microsoft Exchange, available soon. “The Cortado Free package includes a personal Cortado email address, which comes with a professional spam filter, virus protection, and a complete web-based Microsoft Outlook environment, as well as a 20 MB email account. Users who want to keep using their current email address can continue to do so, and push messages to their mobile phone. Cortado uses IMAP push technology for its free accounts, instead of ActivSync, which it uses for standard accounts.Cortado, PDA Blast


  • 8 C’s of Teamwork … (1) clear expectations, (2) channels of communication, (3) conflict resolution, (4) consequences, (5) celebrating achievements, (6) coaching, (7) collaboration, and (8) community. Stronger Teams Blog
  • Your Productivity Profile … Anne summarizes a number of different productivity approaches and profiles that she’s seen: the GTD guru, the hyperlinking hyper-relater, the big web-wave surfer, geek to get ahead, present moment perfectionist, mashup maven, serial enthusiast, committed creative, and purpose-driven producer. Find yourself, or mix your own. WebWorkerDaily

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