Category: Industry Updates

Daily Report for June 6, 2007

Team Collaboration Video in Parlano MindAlign … Parlano showed off video calling capabilities within MindAlign, its persistent chat application. “This is the first demonstration of fully integrated group chat and video calls utilizing the soon-to-be released Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and the SIP/SIMPLE unified communications standard.” It’s […]

Daily Report for June 5, 2007

Team Collaboration Microsoft Hosted Services … Microsoft is developing a suite of hosted services for business customers, such as for Exchange and SharePoint. Energizer Holdings, with 9000 users across 130 countries, is in a beta programme for such services from Microsoft. Key benefits for Energizer: (a) less hassle […]

Daily Report for June 1, 2007

Team Collaboration Google Gears … Google released Google Gears, for taking online applications offline. It works with IE, Firefox and Safari, with Opera support coming. Available immediately to developers, as open source. ZDNet, TechTree. David is pleased as he can now catch up with his RSS feeds when […]

Daily Report for May 31, 2007

Team Collaboration Livescribe Mobile Computing … Livescribe announced a paper-based computing platform, whereby users write with a special pen on specially-printed paper and where the audio content in the environment is captured and cued to the place on the paper where notes were taken. “The possibilities for paper-based […]

Daily Report for May 30, 2007

Team Collaboration SharePoint Gets DoD Certification … Microsoft announced that SharePoint Server 2007 has received DoD 5015.2 certification, which means it meets the US government’s requirements for document and records management. Add-on packs for SharePoint to implement the certification will be available later in 2007. Microsoft, InformationWeek Huddle […]

Daily Report for May 29, 2007

Team Collaboration Email in the Workplace … James argues that dealing with information overload requires a response from across the organization, not just an isolated person her and there. Check out his 3 page PDF on living more productively with email. ChiefTech. Key ideas in the PDF: … […]

Daily Report for May 28, 2007

Team Collaboration User Scenarios … Paul argues that the poor adoption of portals and similar systems is because they aren’t designed according to the way people think and work. He wants to see user scenarios drive design, not software requirements. “One method for shifting the focus from requirements […]

Daily Report for May 26, 2007

Team Collaboration Partners for Microsoft OCS 2007 … Microsoft announced an additional set of IP PBX vendors that are supporting Office Communications Server 2007, for voice over IP, IM and conferencing. “The IP PBX and gateway companies pledging interoperability with OCS 2007 include Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, […]

Daily Report, 20070525

Team Collaboration Business Objects Acquired Inxight Software … Wow, my favorite text visualization and navigation firm, Inxight Software, just got acquired by Business Objects. “The combination of Business Objects and Inxight Software will provide organizations with a comprehensive BI solution to address all of their data assets. With […]

Daily Report, May 23

Team Collaboration 123Together Streamlines Exchange Provisioning for Mid-Market … 123Together, a provider of hosting services including Exchange and SharePoint, released a set of automation tools to enable mid-market organizations to easily and quickly migrate their internal Exchange systems to a hosted one offered by 123Together. The tools provide […]