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Daily Report, Mar 12

Team Collaboration

  • Notes and Domino 8 Beta … The public beta of Notes and Domino 8 is available. “There’s a lot to check out about the beta. Developers are going to want to dig into the composite applications model. Admins are going to be excited about provisioning. End-users are going to be excited by a best-in-class user experience. Architects are going to be interested in the Eclipse-based client architecture. IT managers are going to want to evaluate the new productivity editors for their usefuless. I encourage all to download the new Notes/Domino 8 reviewer’s guide, and let its 100+ pages guide your tire-kicking. Some bits that are not in the public beta include Connections/Activities and Quickr. Neither has a public beta of their server available, so the plug-ins that integrate at the Notes client desktop haven’t been included. Managed beta/design partners will receive more detail about continuing their private testing of Activities in the coming days. ” Available immediately, for non-Mac users only. Ed Brill
  • VideoSoft Hosted Services … VidSoft announced a hosted video conferencing, web conferencing and voice-over-IP service, with instant messaging, chat and file transfer capabilities. Pricing starts at $33 per user per month. Available May 2007. VidSoft
  • RSS for Databases … NewsGator announced an OEM agreement with /n software, for integration of the /n software RSSBus Feed Server–an RSS feed generation engine–with the NewsGator Enterprise Server. “RSSBus Feed Server is a highly extensible RSS feed generation engine that simplifies the process of producing feeds from existing business data sources. NewsGator will provide co-branded versions of RSSBus Feed Server, allowing NGES users to receive content and updates from many of the sources they use everyday including Oracle, Microsoft and MySQL databases, Microsoft Excel, custom business applications, and others. RSSBus also includes an online repository where users can submit and download connectors relevant to their business.” Available 2Q2007. NewsGator

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