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Daily Report, Mar 20

Team Collaboration

  • More on Cisco Buying WebEx … More analysis points on the WebEx acquisition by Cisco:
    • “Enterprise Customers Wanted This” … “In buying WebEx, Cisco says it’s just following the trends set by its enterprise customers. Collaboration is becoming a big deal in business communications, so Cisco should have a hand in that, chief development officer Charles Giancarlo says. Plus, WebEx touches on the “hiding complexity” buzz phrase that Cisco CEO John Chambers has been tossing around — meaning, Cisco wants a hand in technologies that provide new communications features while being easy to use.Light Reading
    • Tim Agrees with Steve … Tim agrees with Steve Borsch that it’s a Web 2.0 platform play. “To become a real platform player in Web 2.0, Cisco will need to open up both the application and the infrastructure. Steve is really right to point to Amazon as the leader in thinking of the Web as platform. Everyone else who is building web services platforms — even Google, who is the leader in so many other ways — is really just building application-layer platforms, allowing people to build extensions to their applications. But with S3, EC2, and SQS, Amazon has built services that allow others to build on their infrastructure, not just on their applications. And when a platform allows people to build whatever they want, look out!O’Reilly Radar
    • Mike Gotta … Among other points of analysis, “The deal is a chess move vs. Microsoft re: Live Meeting. Microsoft has not over-taken WebEx in this space so now Cisco has another point of competition with Microsoft and one where it has an edge, at least right now.Collaborative Thinking
    • Transition Away from Cisco’s Core … “… the acquisition itself is another case of Cisco trying to diversify away from its bread-and-butter networking roots. “One of Cisco’s key long-term goals is to transition beyond the core networking space into applications and supporting infrastructure,” write Gartner talking-heads Matthew Cain, David Willis and Jeffrey Mann.CertCities
    • A Natural Fit (?) … “The WebEx acquisition also brings more capabilities that can be integrated into Cisco’s Unified Communications portfolio, Giancarlo said. That lineup brings together voice, instant messaging and other forms of communication with real-time presence information. Giancarlo would not elaborate on how Cisco might integrate the WebEx technology into that space but said it was a natural fit.InfoWorld

  • OpenITWorks Goes CentralDesktop … Hal, the CTO at OpenITWorks, outlines his view of the collaboration technology world, along with the requirements they had in seeking a collaboration solution. He explains who they looked at, and why they chose CentralDesktop. “We finally selected Central Desktop, which includes all of the features we wanted at a reasonable price. It has the strength of intuitive integration with e-mail, Wiki-style document collaboration (although they use HTML instead of one of the more traditional styles of Wiki source code underneath the GUI), document management, and simple project management features. We are using the system only for private-access member collaboration at the moment, but it has the capability of fully public Wiki interaction, which we may take advantage of in the future. I have been impressed with the responsiveness of Central Desktop support and their rapid implementation of new features.Open IT Blogs
  • SiteScape ICEcorps … SiteScape announced ICEcorps, an open source collaboration suite that unifies team workspaces and real-time conferencing. “ICEcorps brings together a broad range of web workspace and collaboration tools to meet personal, team and organization needs. It enables team members to communicate based on presence through any combination of phones, IM, chat, SMS, or email, and to meet anywhere, at anytime using voice and web conferencing and real-time sharing of documents. Users can create content through web forms, blogs, wikis, edit-in-place of files, recordings of meetings, and dragging of files from their disk drive — all in a format that can be easily changed to suit personal preferences. In addition, ICEcorps enables effective management of even the most complex business processes — without programming — using a flexible workflow engine. Virtual folders can be created through saved searches.” Novell’s new products are based on ICEcorps. SiteScape (PDF)
  • Novell Teaming + Conferencing … Novell introduced two new collaboration products, Novell Teaming, and Novell Teaming + Conferencing. Novell Teaming is a team workspace offering, and Conferencing offers real-time voice and Web conferencing capabilities, along with instant messaging. As above, these are based on technology OEM’d from SiteScape. Available 3Q2007., plus context from CRN
  • Jive Openfire 3.2 … Jive Software released Version 3.2 of Openfire, its real-time collaboration server based on the Jingle protocol. New features include the ability to migrate from an instant messaging conversation to a phone call with a mouse click. “Using Openfire 3.2, voice calls can be initiated from one party’s computer to another via the chat client. Placing the call is as simple as clicking on a name in the contact list and selecting the call option. The connection uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, and parties can communicate using VoIP headsets, phones or similar devices plugged into their computer’s USB ports.” Available immediately. sys-con
  • Problems with Email at Oracle? … Can anyone confirm or deny this? “For over two weeks, the Oracle IT Department hasn’t had email. Small wonder Oracle has sold hardly any seats for Collaboration Suite, since they cannot get it to run for more than an hour a day most of the time internally.Technology Evangelist
  • gSyncit … Another tool for one-way or two-sync between Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. Geeks Guide to GTD


  • Glide Sync … TransMedia released Glide Sync and Glide Mobile Services for Mac, which syncs a plethora of information between an Apple Mac and an online service for access from various mobile phones. “Glide automatically syncs your photos, music, videos, documents, iCal calendars, Mac Address Book contacts, and Safari, Camino and Firefox bookmarks from your Mac via the Internet so you can access virtually all of your digital stuff from your cell phone. Glide achieves the ideal of anytime, anywhere access by making it possible to synchronize all of your files on your local desktop(s) to and from Glide’s hosted web services. Glide’s compatibility engine then serves up your files in the proper format and bit rate for access on various devices and for easy sharing.” Available immediately. sys-con


  • Say “No” … Good reminder from Martin via David of the need to say “no” to work that doesn’t align with our strategy / core competencies / passions, even if the money looks good. Ouch. David Maister
  • Get a New Perspective … Don’t keep everything the same for too long. Mix it up a little, and get a new perspective. Michael on this: My darling wife can’t understand why I change my office around so frequently (perhaps 15 times a year). It’s just that it gives me a huge boost of energy to re-think how the office flow could work, and how different arrangements work or don’t work. Anyway, that’s my story … Daily Plan It
  • Zero Tolerance = Bad Idea … Jeffrey writes about the problem of people that have a “zero tolerance for errors or omissions”. “The zero tolerance approach sounds great, but in reality creates unbelievably high expectations that are difficult if not impossible to meet, and create a significant amount of fingerpointing.” Sounds like a real killer of creativity, idea generation, and breakthroughs. Thinking Faster
  • 10 Strategies for a Breakthrough … 10 simple ways to transform your working life: (1) refuse to accept conventional answers or comforting assumptions, (2) avoid anything that will fence you in, (3) take risks all the time, (4) look for better questions rather than better answers, (5) ask stupid questions, (6) keep an open mind, (7) be true to yourself, (8) make mistakes joyfully, (9) dare to let go, and (10) ignore your inner critic. LifeHack
  • Getting in the Flow … Nine components to “getting in the flow”: (1) clear goals, (2) high concentration on a limited field of attention, (3) a lost of self-consciousness, (4) a distorted sense of time, (5) direct and immediate feedback, (6) balance between ability level and challenge, (7) a sense of personal control over what’s happening, (8) intrinsically rewarding action, and (9) focus of awareness is narrowed down to the activity itself. That Voodoo You Do (hat tip, Andy)

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