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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 22

The “Weekly Roundup”, Friday edition …

Team Collaboration Report

  • GWAVA Reveal 1.5 … GWAVA released Version 1.5 of Reveal, a third-party tool for Novell GroupWise. Enables the investigation of email account usage by authorized executives and administrators, to permit analysis for policy breaches. Available immediately; 30 day free trial is also available. Yahoo
  • Citrix GoToMeeting 3.0 … Citrix upgraded GoToMeeting, its online meeting service, to Version 3.0. New features include the ability for Mac users to attend GoToMeeting sessions (it was previously Windows only), integration with Microsoft Office applications, and auto-save of chat logs, among others. Users of GoToMeeting Corporate also receive free integration with GoToWebinar, for presenting to up to 1,000 attendees at a time. Available immediately. Citrix and GoToMeeting
  • BEA Workspace 360 … BEA Systems previewed its BEA Workspace 360 product family, which “seeks to bring a free-form collaborative environment into every aspect and every role in the SOA leadership team” (that is, it aims to help the different participants in IT work together). Will include WorkSpace for Business Analysts (for creating and monitoring business processes), WorkSpace for Architects (for interpreting business requirements), WorkSpace for Developers (for building stuff), and WorkSpace for IT Operations (for infrastructure care, maintenance and feeding). Yahoo Business, and also ADTmag
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect … Adobe announced Adobe Acrobat Connect, a web conferencing and collaboration solution that works with a Web browser and the Flash player. Connect is a re-branding and re-positioning of Macromedia Breeze. “Unlike traditional web conferencing solutions, Acrobat Connect enables users to choose a simple and easy-to-remember web address for their online personal meeting room, with unlimited usage for up to 15 participants for one low monthly fee. The personal meeting rooms in Acrobat Connect are readily available, making it easy for knowledge workers to hold spontaneous, ad-hoc meetings, while helping to save time and increase productivity. A custom URL enables fast and easy-to-remember access to each user’s personal meeting room, just like a phone number or e-mail address.” Available November 2006; pricing in 2007 will be US$39 per month or US$395 per year. Adobe, along with Ryan Stewart of ZDNet (“Breeze just became Adobe’s most important product”) and InformationWeek
  • TimeBridge is Still Coming … I was hoping that TimeBridge would be available by now, but Yori shares that they’re facing “daunting technical challenges” in integrating TimeBridge’s plug-in with Outlook. “We have spent a lot of engineering time working with and around the Outlook application which is fraught with pitfalls and limitations“. Sounds like the same problems that Kubi Software faced on the technical side … TimeBridge
  • Kubi with Joomla? … and speaking of Kubi Software, its home page says “ is offline. Please check back again soon”, and there’s a Joomla! logo prominently displayed. Joomla! says it is “one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.” What’s going down guys? Kubi Software
  • Zoho QuickRead … Zoho released Zoho QuickRead, a browser plug-in that enables users to open documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the Web directly with Zoho authoring, spreadsheeting and presentation programs. Available immediately. Zoho Blog

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