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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 9

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup

  • Return from Shifting to Email+Word to Blogs for Project Work … Traction Software referenced the benefits a couple of its customers are getting through the adoption of blogs for managing projects. One customer replaced Email and Word documents for document review with a blog, and noticed a significant increase in productivity. Traction Software
  • InvisibleCRM for Sync of ECM DocumentumInvisibleCRM released SmartFolder, a synchronization solution that permits the synchronization of Documentum repositories to desktop computers and laptops for offline access. “Smart Folder is claimed to enable automated organisation and sharing of all corporate documents on any computer, allowing users to work with all files, even offline. Smart Folder now allows users to organise, manage and work with files locally, while keeping both online and desktop file repositories up-to-date. Employing the Windows folder metaphor, Smart Folder reportedly recreates the file structure of cabinets and folders available in Documentum.Digital Media Asia
  • Xobni for Email Analytics … Xobni (“Inbox” spelt backwards) is a Cambridge MA startup that is developing a plug-in for Outlook to help users gauge and measure their email usage with an eye towards optimizing efficiency. Interested parties can currently register for the beta of the Individual version. Xobni Blog
  • Google Apps Not Ready for SMB … Justin Post from Merrill Lynch asserts that Google’s suite of productivity and communication applications will not appeal to the SMB market space because the offerings lack any concept of synchronization with a mobile device. Post sees this as a critical element of any SMB offering. eWeek
  • Mail Coming to WebEx WebOffice … WebEx announced a new premium service for its WebEx WebOffice application: WebEx Mail, for hosted business-class email. Features include the use of the customer’s domain, POP and IMAP support, virus and spam protection and public mail folders. Available in late September 2006. WebEx Mail Tour, and there’s a datasheet (PDF, 128KB, 2 pages) available too.
  • Four Project Failure Factors to Watch … In an analysis of failed CRM projects, four failure factors are noted: (1) the people fear the change brought about by the system because of familiarity with the existing system; (2) the people designing the system have deep computer brilliance, and thus little knowledge of how real people find computers; (3) a distrust of the intentions of management; and (4) no attempt made to demonstrate value for the individual. Those four factors play equally well in failed collaboration projects, so beware! SalesMastersWorld
  • Writely Not a Collaboration Tool … Bettina asserts that the lack of email notification and the lack of markup to indicate who made a change in a Writely document means that it can’t be classified as a collaboration solution. Bettina also comments the use of a browser as the main interface for email and collaborative systems, and says that she prefers non-browser applications for “serious productive work”. (Hey Bettina, good to see you blogging again!) Bettina May’s Blog
  • Marc on Turning Email into Action … Marc published an article looking at how to use Outlook 2007 to translate email messages into actionable items, a key concept for GTD-converts. Features to support this include follow-up flags, to do bar and instant search. Marc also comments on the improved integration with OneNote 2007. Microsoft
  • Alex Reviews Basecamp … Alex has started a series of reviews of team workspace collaboration products, the first one being on Basecamp. Alex is tentatively aiming to review 10 such products over the coming months.

Mobility Roundup

  • Teamconnectx Launched in AU and NZ … Open Terra and Field Access Systems launched Teamconnectx in Australia and New Zealand. The Java 2 application offers instant messaging and presence capabilities on a range of mobile devices. There’s a 30-day free trial available. IDM
  • BlackBerry Pearl … BlackBerry announced the Pearl, a BlackBerry device targeted at the consumer market. Includes a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, a music and video player, and sort of a keyboard; and of course it offers wireless email support. Available from T-Mobile USA from September 12. RedHerring
  • Treo 700wx is Good to Go … Good Technology announced support for the Palm Treo 700wx smartphone, meaning that 700wx customers can link to Good’s wireless messaging service to get their corporate and personal email while out-and-about. Good Technology
  • Knewtrino NootMobile … Knewtrino released the beta of NootMobile, an instant messaging service for users with smartphones and mobile devices. Supports access to the AOL Instant Messenger community immediately, with support for Yahoo and MSN forthcoming. Supports Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm and BlackBerry devices. Available immediately. BusinessWire
  • Yahoo on Windows Mobile … Yahoo released Go for Mobile, a suite of its online services (IM, email, photos, contacts and calendar services) optimized for Windows Mobile devices. Yahoo has previously supported the Symbian Series 60 platform. ZDNet
  • Bosses Can’t Disconnect … A British survey found that more than 67% of British bosses take a BlackBerry or laptop with them on vacation so they can check work-related emails. 12% said that the ability to check email while on holiday was a “welcome break” from family times. The vast majority believe that it is no longer possible to totally disconnect during vacation times. icWales

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