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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 18

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup

  • Softalk Update … Softalk released an update of its WorkgroupMail email server software. Features in Version 8.1 include anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering, auto-archiving of all sent and received email, and multi-domain hosting, among others. Available immediately. Target market is SMB. SourceWire
  • Kudos on Zimbra on Dave’s Calendaring Problems … Dave was having problems with calendaring on the Mac and Linux, and concluded that Zimbra wasn’t up-to-it. A personal visit from Scott of Zimbra, plus some updated software got everything working. InfoWorld Weblog
  • IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 … IBM shipped Version 7.5 of Lotus Sametime, a real-time collaboration platform. Includes presence and instant messaging, Web conferencing, and a plug-in architecture for third-party applications. Available immediately. IBM
  • Traction TeamPage 3.7 … Traction Software released Version 3.7 of TeamPage, its blog and wiki-based collaboration platform for the enterprise. New features: new widgets for linking to resources, improved export capabilities, support for BlackBerry, Treo and Pocket PC devices (via in-built browsers), page delta views, automated email digest for change notifications, and improved access to query driven sections and content. Available immediately. Traction Software
  • WebEx AIM Pro … WebEx released WebEx AIM Pro Business Edition, an on-demand instant messaging service for business customers. “All WebEx AIM Pro traffic is secured with end-to-end 128 bit SSL encryption and WebEx AIM Pro assists customers in meeting compliance requirements for storage of electronic communications. The service automatically scans file transfers, blocks SpIM to reduce the spread of viruses and worms, and protects against IM and P2P threats. Administrators can centrally manage all accounts and configure URL and content filters to prevent the loss of intellectual property or confidential information.” Available immediately. Yahoo Business
  • NextPage Document Retention and Discovery Research … NextPage released its new offering, Document Retention and Discovery Research, last week in New York City. “NextPage offers strategies for companies to implement efficient document retention technology that functions within the way end users normally create, save, send and delete documents. This approach dramatically increases end-user compliance, helping companies more efficiently manage their documents and lower the costs of eDiscovery and the risks of non compliance.BusinessWire
  • Wikis in US Government … The General Services Administration and the CIO Council are exploring the use of wikis within intelligence, defense and civilian agencies. Appeal includes the ability to dispersed members of groups to share information quickly and easily, all through a web browser. Secondly, the ability to post and cross-index documents and archive email discussions is of interest. Finally, wikis are helpful for specifying speaking schedules and topics in advance of an in-person meeting/conference. GCN
  • Making Collaboration Work … Steve published a very nice piece back in August aimed at helping managers/project leads assess the readiness of a team to collaborate. Four top-level factors are considered: (1) degree of common ground, (2) complexity of task, (3) technology readiness, and (4) process readiness. Each top-level factor is broken down into an evaluative framework for giving a score; Steve provides an example for some of the factors. I hope he’ll share more about this in future posts. Steve Richards
  • FaceTime IMAuditor 8.1 … FaceTime released Version 8.0 of IMAuditor, its instant messaging management platform for enterprise customers. Supports new versions of enterprise IM products, archives file transfers, and enhanced support for mobile users on laptops. Available late in September 2006. Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo Mail Beta … Yahoo made the beta of its new Yahoo Mail web mail service more generally available. Includes new online calendar integration, drag-and-drop email organization, integrated RSS reader, and support for opening multiple email messages at once with tabbed organization. Beta available immediately in selected companies. Yahoo IR
  • Apptix Acquired Mi8 … Apptix announced the acquisition of Mi8 Corporation, a provider of hosted Exchange messaging, SharePoint collaboration, and complementary services. Apptix paid $21 million in cash for Mi8. Apptix
  • At Task @task 4.2 … AtTask released Version 4.02 of @task, its Web-based project management software. New features include support for additional file formats, cross-project integration (for dependencies), email integration for non-@task users, online help, and improved search, among others. Available immediately. MarketWire
  • Bells & Whistles for Outlook … DS Development released Version 3.0 of Bells & Whistles for Outlook, an Outlook add-in designed to add productivity features. Add-ins include tracking IDs to track messages and replies, personalized mass emails by using BCC, smart reply greetings, and more. Available immediately. DS Development

Mobility Roundup

  • XTNDConnect 6.0 from Sybase iAnywhere … Sybase iAnywhere released Version 6.0 of XTNDConnect, its synchronization software for mobile devices and desktops. New features include photo support, better customization options, and support for new devices from Palm and Sony Ericsson. Available within a month.
  • Good Moves into Asia … Good Technology announced a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro Asia Ltd, for the distribution of the entire Good Mobile Enterprise Suite in Asia-Pacific. Good’s suite includes mobile email and application access. Good Technology

Other Things

  • Cheaper Computing Costs in Education … The emergence of cheaper operating systems (Linux) and cheaper productivity applications (Writely, ThinkFree Office, Google Spreadsheets) is a helpful step forward in supplying a computer for every student. The pricing of Microsoft Windows and Office is too high to roll out to every student. Jay Babcock’s Blog

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