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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 13

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup

  • Steven Shifts to Collanos … Steven Tedjamulia announced that he’s now the VP of Product Management and Strategy at Collanos, a peer-to-peer collaboration software company that supports multiple platforms. Steven was previously the Senior Knowledge Manager at Novell. Steven expects to continue with his blogging at CollaborationLoop. Collanos
  • Near-Time Update … Near-Time announced the availability of an update to its hosted collaboration service. New features include a dashboard (for at-a-glance updates on major activity across all spaces), file sharing enhancements (can share files without having to attach them to articles or pages), an option for the automatic creation of wiki home pages, and new options for making spaces public. Available immediately. Near-Time
  • InstaColl Live Documents … InstaColl released Live Documents, a desktop add-in plus Web service for simplifying the sharing and joint editing of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. In an email to me, the CEO of InstaColl said “It converts Microsoft Office into a Web Office and brings the Wiki metaphor to Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Our solution does not require the user to upload the document to a third-party server but still enforces access control, transparency, version control and auditability – from within familiar Microsoft Office applications. All document revisions are automatically merged back into any copy of the document – irrespective of where it resides – at the point of opening the document – ensuring that their is a single unified view…in addition, users have the option to create multiple versions with a level of intelligence built on top to manage the entire version set.” Live Documents is in beta. Live Documents, with coverage at Ars Technica
  • Problems with Calendars in Mac Land … Dave is struggling to find a calendaring solution that will work with Apple iCal and Linux desktops. He’s tried .Mac, and Google Calendar, has avoided Scalix and Zimbra as an inhouse install, and thinks the current hosted WebDAV providers are very dodgy. He’s looking for alternatives. Readers have suggested Oracle Calendar, Meeting Maker, Kerio Mail Server and more. InfoWorld Weblogs

Mobility Roundup

  • RoadSync for Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition … DataViz announced that RoadSync, its Exchange ActiveSync client, now supports Windows Mobile 2003 second edition software and devices. The new release supports the new capabilities in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2, such as direct push of email, remote wipe for security, lookups against Active Directory, and IT Policy enforcement. Microsoft supports Windows Mobile 5 devices; DataViz enables companies to use older devices for a longer period of time. Available October 2006. DataViz
  • Visto Easy Setup … Visto released Easy Setup, a new component in Visto Mobile 5.5 that simplifies the process of setting up, using, managing and delivering mobile email services. Easy Setup “addresses ease-of-use concerns by simplifying the configuration process for devices and improving the user setup process as well. Easy Setup includes a new on-screen “Smart Icon” integrated directly into the device, which when used, automatically and effortlessly installs Visto Mobile onto the handset. The end-user enjoys a smooth, streamlined configuration process, which minimizes the number of screens and keystrokes required to get up and running on mobile email.Visto

Other Things

  • Cheaper Computing Costs in Education … The emergence of cheaper operating systems (Linux) and cheaper productivity applications (Writely, ThinkFree Office, Google Spreadsheets) is a helpful step forward in supplying a computer for every student. Jay contends that the pricing of Microsoft Windows and Office is simply too high to roll out to every student. Jay Babcock’s Blog

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