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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Aug 19

Team Collaboration Applications Roundup

  • What Drives Adoption? … Michael Osterman concludes that consumers demanding new capabilities from enterprise IT departments is what gets adoption in organizations, and gives the example of instant messaging and mobile messaging. Network World on Messaging
  • Persistent Group Messaging for Cycle Time Reduction … Bob from Parlano writes about the concept of reducing cycle time to save money and gain competitive advantage. He thinks that Parlano’s products have a contribution to make in this area, as well as lifting innovation. Bob Serr’s So
  • JotSpot Does Task Lists … JotSpot released a to-do / task management application as an element for its application wiki suite. Includes numerous keyboard shortcuts for moving task items around. JotSpot Blog
  • GoogleTalk Updated … GoogleTalk’s new features of file sharing, voice mail and music status have completed testing and are generally available in the wild. Google Talk clients will update automagically, or users can download the new updates directly. Google Talk Blog</li

Mobility Roundup

  • Single Handed Use Devices … Microsoft and Palm are revamping their mobile operating systems and ideal device profiles to support single handed use; both have seen how powerful the BlackBerry is in this regard. That and the operating system isn’t crap (especially Windows Mobile). Brighthand
  • Smartphone Desire … A recent In-Stat study noted that 64% of smartphone carrying users (out of a sample of 228) said their devices were “essential” to their work and 32% said they were “helpful”. Of 421 PDA users, 34% said they were “essential” and 55% called them “helpful”. For some users, therefore, a smartphone or PDA are a better choice as a mobile device than a laptop. SearchCIO
  • New Mobile IM Service … Knewtrino announced a forthcoming beta program for its mobile instant messaging service, which gives access to existing public IM networks from mobile devices. Beta program starts September 7 2006. BusinessWire

Productivity Report

  • Act Now … Matt’s recently read a book on improv, and has found some useful analogies to time and life management. Earlier this week he posted further about the power of acting now and seeing everything “as your job” (or, you have a contribution to make). Matt’s Idea Blog
  • Good Tech in Bad Hands … Scott’s been doing some consulting work recently, and concludes that “good technology in bad hands is damaging”. For example, just the act of putting up a shared space for sharing documents and collaborating isn’t enough. He concludes “We need more people out there preaching the message of how to deploy collaboration and document management to and through the people instead of what platform to deploy.” Scott Prather
  • Deal with the nagging issues … Failing to deal with little issues that constantly nag at you creates stress and leads to premature aging. Deal with them as they show up. Matt’s Idea Blog (twice in one day!) … and while we’re talking about Matt, check out his GTD Workflow Assessment/Tips Checklist
  • Quilt Time … I may have already written about this one, but I keep coming back to the incredible wisdom Chris expresses in his time quilters post. When one is very busy, getting focused time to work on passion projects is often difficult. The solution … hack together small fragments of time to get it done. I’ve got to get better at this.


  • Calendaring in Leopard Server … Apple announced that its forthcoming Leopard Server (Mac OS X 10.5) will include a calendar server for users to coordinate events, schedule meetings, reserve resources, etc. It is based on the CalDAV standard being developed at CalConnect. Apple
  • Calendaring on Linux … Scott analyzes the state of calendaring on Linux desktops, and concludes that none of the current alternatives are good enough. He wants the Linux community to work together to build a killer desktop calendaring client. Calendar Swamp

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