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Team Collaboration Report, Aug 1

GatherPlace.NET for Web Conferencing
A couple of weeks back, I had the privilege of giving Chris Brogan a run through Foldera (he’s just posted the podcast we recorded on our second talk). Although I use a Mac as my primary computer, I had set up a GoToMeeting session on my PC, so we could do screen sharing. Chris sent me into a mild panic when he said he used a Mac too (I’d missed that point of similarity between the two of us in my review of 3 years of his blog posts) … and I wondered what to do. A quick Google search turned up … GatherPlace.

I signed up for the free 14-day trial, and within 5 minutes we were doing the screen sharing thing, Mac-to-Mac. It worked fine, and we had a great conversation.

Brooks from GatherPlace was kind enough to reach out to me the day after my initial use and ask how it went. He followed up by saying that they are working on a new version that will support voice-over-IP; this new release will be available in August for both Mac and Windows.

Source: GatherPlace

Diigo for Social Annotation
Diigo released an annotation tool for Web pages, enabling people to write their thoughts and feedback about web pages and share those with others.

Diigo enables users to:

  • Use a virtual highlighter and digital sticky notes to highlight and jot down comments.
  • Extract and compile all highlights across multiple pages.
  • Exchange viewpoints with others.
  • … and much more

Available immediately.

Source: Diigo

RSS as the Most Successful Web 2.0 Technology
Larry asks “which Web 2.0 technology will succeed on Intranets?”, and concludes that the answer is “RSS”.

Why? Because I am able to do new things I was not able to do before and some of my existing tasks are now done quicker. I think this is an important point to consider when developing an intranet strategy. My first priority as an office worker is not making a corporation more productive (although it is important, especially if I want to continue receiving a paycheck). My first priority with these tools is making ME more productive.

He then proceeds to explain how RSS is central to the success of wikis and blogging.

(Oh wow, he even mentions my “super client” paper from Shared Spaces. I just saw that. Thanks Larry!)

Source: CollaborationLoop

37signals Bulks Up the Backpack
37signals added calendar capabilities to the paid editions of its Backpack online service. Supports the setup of multiple calendars, multi-day events, synching via the iCal standard, natural language input, and SMS alerts to mobile phones, among others.

Source: Backpack, with analysis at TechCrunch

Jabber Messenger for the Web 5.0
Jabber released Version 5.0 of Jabber Messenger for the Web, to Federal Government customers.

Based on ClientSide’s flagship Chatterbox client, Jabber Messenger for the Web 5.0 is a full-featured IM client that requires no installation and is compatible with open standards such as the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)—an emerging standard in the Federal Government.

Available immediately.

Source: Jabber

Migration from Lotus Notes and Domino
INS, an IT technology consulting and software solutions firm, announced the Lotus Notes Assessment and Migration solution.

This solution consists of INS services that help enterprises assess the performance of their current Notes/Domino environment to meet their business goals, identify opportunities for optimizing their platform and evaluate and execute migrations to alternative platforms to achieve lower costs and increase flexibility.

It is intended for firms that have Lotus Notes installations that are “becoming costly and difficult to manage”.

Source: BusinessWire

GoogleTalk Upgrade
Google announced upcoming additions to its GoogleTalk instant messaging client, including fast and reliable file transfer, the ability to send and receive voicemail messages, and the ability to show contacts the music track you are currently listening to.

These changes will be rolled out progressively in coming weeks. Tris hasn’t been upgraded yet.

Source: Google Talkabout

New Ways of Working Network
The New Ways of Working Network is a membership organization dedicated to helping organizations appropriately embrace new ways of working.

Whether we should change the way we work is no longer a question. It’s happening whether companies like it or not. Enabled by mobile technologies and more flexible management styles, we are increasingly more mobile and distributed, no longer working in a traditional office in one location. But are we productive as before? Are we as innovative as when we worked in the same place? Are we as engaged and committed to our groups and organizations? And what is the best combination of organizational design, technologies, locations and design for the most productive, innovative and comitted workers? These are not easy questions because the answers necessarily cross traditional disciplines.

The New Ways of Working Network, or, was formed with the idea that we can tackle these questions best by bringing together thought leaders from various disciplines — such as workplace design, information technology, knowledge management, human resources, human factors, and organizational culture — to dialog about new ways of working systemically. After almost a year in planning and preparation, the New Ways of Working Network——is open for membership. Membership will give you and your company access to this community of thought leaders.


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