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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Sep 28

Team Collaboration Report

  • Socialtext 2.0 … Socialtext announced the forthcoming upgrade of its enterprise wiki software. Version 2.0 includes a new home page dashboard (which lists “What’s New” (recent changes), watchlist, and your workspaces), a shared whiteboard, a revised user interface, tagging of pages (along with tag suggestions), a list of incoming links to a page (which is helpful to show what other pages are linking to a given page), and a revised way of attaching documents/files to a wiki page. Version 2.0 also adds a number of new ways of searching and sorting through a wiki. Ross has put together a great screencast, up at Amazon S3. The key aim with the update is to make it easier for new users to adopt/embrace wiki technology. IWRBlog also has a review.
  • PostPath at DEMOfall 2006 … PostPath presented at DEMOfall 2006, and showed native, network protocol level compatibility between its Linux-based Email and Collaboration Server and Microsoft Outlook, Active Directory, Exchange Server and BlackBerry. It also demonstrated the display of cross-server free/busy within Outlook and the Zimbra Web client. BusinessWire
  • Videos on Windows Live Messenger … Microsoft released three fun videos to highlight the power of Windows Live Messenger. The three deal with sharing folders, making PC-to-PC calls, and messaging off-line contacts.
  • PocketMac 4 is Coming … Version 4.0 of the PocketMac synchronization software, for synchronizing a BlackBerry with a Mac, is coming. Includes support for home and work addresses, offers better calendar entry support, and supports the new BlackBerry Pearl. Forthcoming.
  • Syncxo … Syncxo offers a hosted service for synchronization of email, tasks, contacts and calendar entries between Outlook and over 350 different mobile devices. Works over-the-air, across a multiplicity of wireless networks. A complementary mobile worker business service is also offered, providing documents, contacts, email, calendar and project services. syncxo
  • WebEx Connect Platform … WebEx announced the WebEx Connect Platform, a centralized place for information workers to collaborate with others. The Connect platform permits knowledge workers to bring together data and capabilities from their applications and systems, and use those collaboratively with colleagues and business partners. Early partners include Mindjet with MindManager, AdventNet/Zoho and others. Yahoo Finance, see also ZDNet Blogs

Productivity Report

  • Four Hacks for a Paper Planner … Writing on DIY Planner, Matt suggests four hacks to make a paper-based planner work: (1) highlight completed to-do items, (2) use check circles, not boxes, (3) use interval + check circle for repeating tasks, and (4) use interval + check circle + arrows for information ticklers. DIY Planner
  • High Performance … Steve transcribes some thoughts from the head of operations at Intuit on Getting High Performance from High Potential Leaders. His transcriptions include the 7 deadly deficiencies (#3 and #5 align nicely with GTD), 10 ways to build passion, and 8 ways to wipe out high performers. Creative Generalist
  • Build a Portfolio of Passions … Thoughts from Success Built to Last: Creating a Life That Matters … Successful people have passions that create meaning in their lives, and they don’t seek to escape from it. Building success takes a long time, and the measure of success isn’t always financial, but rather the difference you make in the world. USAToday
  • Survey of Mind Mapping Users … Chuck commissioned a survey on the use of mind mapping, and has freely published his results. The 13 page PDF includes (a) what mind mapping software are people using, (b) for what purposes (to-do lists and preparing presentations tie for #1), (c) how many hours a day do you spend in your mind mapping software (41% are less than 1 hour), (d) what’s the benefit (43% say “clarity of thinking”), and (e) what’s the productivity benefit (51% say “10-30% increase”). There’s more too. Check it out! Great work Chuck … Thanks! InnovationTools

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