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Daily Report, Oct 27

Team Collaboration

  • Zimbra Hits 4 million … Zimbra announced that it has surpassed 4 million users on the paid edition of its email, calendaring and document collaboration system. “Additionally, millions of more users have implemented the Zimbra open source edition and there are more than 4,500 developers and administrators actively participating in the Zimbra Community.Zimbra
  • Open-Xchange for Free Trial … Open-Xchange announced the availability of a 30-day free trial of Open-Xchange Server 5, its collaboration platform. “Open-Xchange Server 5 provides critical collaborative functions such as e-mail, calendaring, contacts and task management – fully integrated with advanced groupware features such as Documail, Smart Linking, Smart Permissions, document sharing, project tracking, user forums, and a knowledge base. Open-Xchange Server 5 works with the widest variety of browsers, mobile devices and ‘rich clients’ such as Microsoft Outlook.” Available immediately, for testing and evaluation. Open-Xchange


  • Web-to-Mobile Divide … Internet companies are struggling to extend their wares to users on mobile devices. The mobile ecosystem, plus mobile device proliferation and limitations, are leading reasons. ComputerWorld
  • RepliGo Pro 2.0 for BlackBerry … Cerience Corporation announced Version 2.0 of RepliGo Professional for BlackBerry, a document viewing add-on for BlackBerry devices. “RepliGo Professional enables desktop quality viewing of email attachments such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, OpenOffice, faxes and photos. All formats are optimized for the best viewing experience while retaining the document’s original formatting, fonts, colors, graphics, charts and images. In addition to viewing attachments, the new version allows users to upload personal documents to their online account and subsequently view, organize, fax, print and email them from their BlackBerry handset.” Available immediately. MarketWire


  • Time Management an Ongoing Problem … 46% of CFOs in a recent poll said that time management was their greatest challenge. 22% said “keeping up with technology” was number 2. ConnectITNews
  • Be Nice … aka, “Focus Beyond Yourself” … you’ll have higher productivity. ProductivityGoal
  • Simple Key … “Its amazing how much stuff you can get done if you just have it written down in front of you.Brian Breslin

Knowledge Management

  • Vignette + Microsoft … Vignette announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft, for the delivery of rich media content to Microsoft-powered devices. “Innovative media and entertainment companies rely on Vignette to deliver rich content such as television programs, movies, music and photos to a variety of media player-enabled devices. As part of the relationship, the two software companies will work together to help ensure content stored in a 2007 Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 repository, or subscription-based and paid-for content downloaded to a PC, can be managed and delivered to any Internet-enabled device through Vignette.BusinessWire
  • Fios and Nexidia … Fios and Nexidia announced a strategic partnership for the effective and efficient review and analysis of electronic audio files as part of legal discovery. “The two companies are extending Nexidias phonetic audio search technologies with Fios extensive electronic discovery services to provide clients with an innovative and cost-effective approach to manage complex litigation and regulatory compliance
  • Coveo Gets $6 Million … Coveo Solutions, makers of enterprise search solutions for Microsoft-centric enterprises, announced the completion of a $6 million Series A financing round. Intended uses: expansion to sales, product development and channel operations. Coveo

Other Cool Stuff

  • Web 2.0 in the Classroom … The University of Arizona is offering a new course, “Web 2.0: Maintaining and Developing Online Communities”, this semester. It was developed in conjunction with IBM. “… the course doesn’t focus on the technology behind these new services, but rather on their business applications to foster online collaboration. As such, the course is aimed at students of marketing and management of information systems, and not so much at aspiring computer scientists.“. (Education 2.0?) InfoWorld

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