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Daily Report, Oct 26

Team Collaboration

  • Verizon and Cisco on Video Collaboration … Verizon announced its intention to undertake technology and client tests for Cisco’s new high-definition video conferencing system that works over IP networks. “The solution — available in two versions for large and small meetings — combines the industry’s first 1080p (progressive) video and high-quality, spatial audio with comprehensive design elements. With the ability to see and hear others in high-definition video and spatial audio, users can experience subtleties and nuances of
  • Free OfficeTalk for 30 days … Softalk released a 30-day free single user version of OfficeTalk 4.5.1, its contact management, email, calendar, tasks, document management and project management client. Intention is to get individuals within a business so ingrained in OfficeTalk that they buy a multi-user license. prnewswire
  • Cool Story on Wiki Goodness … Socialtext has a nice blog post investigating how its sales team got some collateral written by other Socialtext people within a couple of hours using a wiki page. “Last week, a prospect asked me for a comparison between Forums and Wikis for creating a community. “Good question,” I thought, “do we have any collateral on that?” A quick search of our corporate wiki didn’t show anything promising. So I posted a wiki page called “Forums vs Wikis” with a few starting comments and the purpose of the page, knowing that our team of 30 constantly watches the “What’s New” section of our wiki. Within four hours, five team members, including engineers, had contributed to the wiki page with numerous revisions. I had basically a final version that I simply exported as a Word doc, tweaked with final formatting, and emailed to the customer.” Awesome example of collaboration power. Socialtext
  • Web 2.0 in the Enterprise … Some firms are exploring the use of Web 2.0 collaboration technologies — such as blogs and wikis — in the enterprise. A couple of people from enterprises that have gone down this path comment on their experiences and future plans. SearchCIO
  • BlueTie for Free … BlueTie, a provider of hosted email and calendaring services for small businesses, announced a for-free version of its online service. “This unprecedented move introduces the next generation of collaboration software free as a service, replacing outdated client-server solutions like Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. BlueTie is supported by a business model that generates revenue through partnerships with trusted business service providers.” Available immediately, to US-based small businesses; supports up to 20 user per free account. BlueTie, plus the CIO Blog
  • CollabraSpace 5.0 … CollabraSpace released Version 5.0 of CollabraSuite, its web-based collaboration offering for government clients and enterprise customers. New features: a revised user interface using AJAX technology, improved performance, and greater customization options. Trial version available. Available immediately. CollabraSpace
  • IntraLinks Customer Win … IntraLinks announced that it picked up another customer for its virtual dealrooms hosted platform: William Blair & Company LLC. Main use will be to support M&A advisory engagements. BusinessWire


  • RIM for Applications … Research In Motion released BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications, a new platform that enables organizations to extend business applications to BlackBerry users without the requirement to also have BlackBerry email. “Many of our customers want a solution that can decouple wireless email from other wireless applications, while providing the same level of security and control that they trust and rely upon in BlackBerry …. BlackBerry Enterprise Server for MDS Applications benefits our enterprise customers as well as the growing community of developers, software vendors, systems integrators and value added resellers that are creating a rich ecosystem of business applications for BlackBerry“. Available immediately. RIM, with coverage at PDAStreet
  • Palm Treo 700wx at Telecom NZ … Telecom New Zealand announced that it is offering the Windows Mobile 5.0-based Palm Treo 700wx.


  • Seven Secrets of Freelancing … From Andy … (1) love what you do (and actually “passion” = suffering), (2) never stop learning, (3) specialize, (4) get a killer portfolio (aka the Tom Peter’s rule … “your projects are your portfolio”), (5) network like crazy, (6) manage your time, and (7) build your reputation. Andy Budd
  • Eat Dark or Milk Chocolate … It’s good for concentration and focus. Achieve-IT!
  • Listen Better … It’s a critical skill. “How much time gets wasted because instructions were misheard or requests weren’t heard at all? Or because you walked away from a meeting under the impression you knew what to do next, but then realized later that, apparently, you hadn’t been listening after all?ProductivityGoal
  • Review Your Goals Regularly … Forgotten about goals don’t usually materialize. The ones we review regularly, focus on, plan to achieve, and do the associated next actions … they normally do. Black Belt Productivity
  • Your 37 Day Challenge … What new habit do you want to ingrain, or what would like to become better at? Set yourself a 37 day challenge … and see what happens! Patti’s 37Days

Knowledge Management

  • Open Text 2006 Conference … Open Text is holding its 2006 global conference in Phoenix in November. Focus is “ECM: Your Road to Innovation”. Includes a pre-conference seminar, keynote speakers, and breakout sessions. Be quick. Open Text

Other Cool Stuff

  • Marc on the Coming Sea Change … Better browsers plus vastly improved online services for productivity and collaboration are going to re-shape enterprise communication … eventually. Marc Orchant
  • IM or Email? … When should one use email vs. initiate an IM conversation? Jonathan and Steve provide some advice. Perhaps it’s too obvious to add, but email beats IM when the other person isn’t “online / available / present”. Steve Richards
  • Today’s Word: Reification … (a) to convert into or regard as a concrete thing; (2) to regard or treat (an abstraction) as if it had concrete or material existence; and (3) regarding something abstract as a material thing, or representing a human being as a physical thing deprived of personal qualities or individuality.

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