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Weekly Roundup of Everything, Oct 9

Team Collaboration Report

  • SlideShare for Sharing Slide Decks … SlideShare released a beta of its slide deck sharing service, which does for PowerPoint and other slide decks what YouTube does for videos. You have to apply for a beta account. Steve Castledine
  • Vyew for Free Conferencing … Vyew offers a browser-based conferencing and collaboration platform, for Windows and Mac. Includes “shared viewing of presentations, files, photos and one’s desktop …. [offers] tools for whiteboarding, annotating, text chatting, and phone conferencing“.
  • Writely … Jon and Jessica reviews Writely, an online word processor with collaborative capabilities. “I really like it“, says he. “My editor and I did a lightweight test of the collaboration function while passing drafts of this story back and forth without any snags.“, says she. Business Evolutionist and BusinessWeek
  • PostPath Server 2.0 … PostPath released Version 2.0 of its Email and Collaboration Server, a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. “The 2.0 release includes the open source Zimbra AJAX web-client adapted for the PostPath Server, enabling Web-2.0-style browser-based access to email, calendaring, contacts, and other functions, independent of the type of web-browser or client platform an individual may be using. Web-access works seamlessly in mixed Exchange and PostPath server environments, allowing, a web-client user to see free-busy calendar information for any co-worker, regardless of whether that co-worker’s data is hosted on a PostPath Server or on Exchange.Networking News
  • Convenos Conferencing for Salesforce … Convenos announced that its Meeting Center, an online web conferencing service, will be updated at the Salesforce Dreamforce 2006 conference this week. Convenos is a Gold sponsor of the conference. “Key differentiators include the ability to run ongoing meetings as virtual workspaces and a choice of integrated audio options including VoIP and mixed types via providers such as SIPphone’s Gizmo Project and Skype.” 14 day free trial available. Yahoo Finances
  • “Live a week in a browser” … Oliver lived in browser-based applications for a week. Monday: email (“I was surprised to find Yahoo my pick“). Tuesday: word processing (“Aside from the sharing, HTML conversion, and blogging tools, it’s like working in Word 97 or 98 right down to the flakiness“). Wednesday: spreadsheets (“I hate spreadsheets …. Zoho wins“). Thursday: presentation graphics (“Zoho Show“). Friday: collaboration (“Zoho blew the rest out of the water with its Virtual Office tool“). Conclusion: “Was the experience worth it? Definitely. Are the applications worth the trouble? Mostly not. Zoho is definitely the standout in the group. It’s the only one that not only offers most of the apps I need but also seems to have a clear vision of where it’s going. And it’s free. ThinkFree and gOffice are similar, but neither has the breadth of apps, features, or collaboration that Zoho does.Techworld
  • Great Wheel Embraces BuildOnline … The Great Wheel Corporation embraced BuildOnline’s on-demand document management and collaboration software to manage its design and building documents. “Our engineers are based all over the world and are working with independent contractors in numerous countries, and coping with multiple cultures, languages and time zones …. Driving effective, secure communication across all these parties is a significant challenge for us. We needed a solution, which was cost-effective and could be deployed quickly and easily, to streamline the flow of information. It had to ensure everyone can access documents and collaborate real-time, across multiple time zones.ITWeek, see also BuildOnline
  • Interview with Cyd from NextPage … Cyd Tetro from NextPage is interviewed about NextPage’s history, product line and future plans. TechRockies, see also NextPage
  • OnlineGroups.Net Launches … OnlineGroups.Net released its for-fee hosted team workspace offering. Making email easier to use within a group context is a key design goal of OnlineGroups.Net. Sociocorpus, see also OnlineGroups.Net
  • Microsoft and Documentum … EMC and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance, enabling SharePoint and Office users to link to Documentum’s content management system. “EMC plans to support SharePoint for the first time, offering by the first quarter of 2007 two Documentum features called “Content Services” and “Archive Services” for Microsoft’s SharePoint 2007, which also is set for release at an unspecified date in the first quarter of next year. Basically, EMC will enable SharePoint users to make Documentum a Web service accessible from SharePoint. At the same time, via a bit of mapping through a Documentum GUI, users be able to add Documentum materials to the repository available in SharePoint.Byte and Switch
  • Education Win for Xythos … Xythos Software announced a licensing agreement with The University of Texas System, for its nine academic and six health institutions. Provides licensed access to the Xythos document collaboration platform. BusinessWire
  • Zoho Single Sign-On … Zoho announced Single Sign-On for easier access to all of its online service. Enables users to login with a single user name and password. Currently supports Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show, Planner, Creator and Chat. Zoho Blogs

Mobility Report

  • Mojopac for Mobility … “MojoPac is a technology that transforms your iPod or other USB storage device into a portable and private PC. Just install MojoPac on any device with a USB port, upload your applications and files, modify your user settings and environment preferences, and take it with you everywhere. Every time you plug your MojoPac-enabled device into any Windows XP PC, MojoPac automatically launches your environment on the host PC. Your communications, music, games, applications, and files are all local and accessible. And when you unplug the MojoPac device, no trace is left behind – your information is not cached on the host PC.Mojopac
  • Isode M-Box Update … Isode released an update to its M-Box Email Server, including support for the LEMONDADE mobile email specification from the IETF. Capabilities include quick re-sync, push email, and forward without download. Isode expects its new update to help undermine the dominance of RIM BlackBerry in the enterprise market. SourceWire
  • NootMobile for Yahoo … NootMobile announced support for Yahoo Messenger it NootMobile Beta, its mobile instant messaging service. BusinessWire

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