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Daily Report, Nov 1

Team Collaboration

  • Google Acquired JotSpot … Google acquired JotSpot, the application wiki company. Existing customers can keep going with Jot while it is migrated, but until that process is complete, no new customers are being accepted. And the service will be free from now on, although customers on existing plans have to serve out the remainder of their pre-paid term. GoogleBlog
    • Om’s readers say “Yawn” … 46% of 328 respondents say “yawn” to the move, compared with 37% that say “Jolly-Good Mate!” 17% question Google’s thought patterns. GigaOM
    • Socialtext Goes on the Offensive … “Migrate to us” they say. Very fast foot work by Ross and team. Wow. Socialtext
    • … as does Atlassian … Well they are in Australia (19 hours ahead or essentially 5 hours behind) and so Socialtext (being in CA too) had more hours to respond faster. Anyhoo, Atlassian is gunning for JotSpot customers too. Atlassian Blog
    • Google Has a Formidable Armory … “… with JotSpot on board, Google has, I believe, a formidable armory of Web Office toolsRead/Write Web
    • Collaboration Fit … “Google sees JotSpot as a strong fit with its existing collaboration products, such as its online document and spreadsheets applications and its discussion forum called Google Groups … There’s also a fit with Google Apps For Your Domain, a service that lets Web site operators offer through the search engine private-labeled email, instant messaging and calendar tools.InformationWeek
    • Does the SMB / Free agent World Want Wikis? … “While wikis may be a great framework for larger organizations with the personnel and infrastructure to support adoption of open-ended technologies, I don’t hear any clamoring from the SMB market or free agent/digital nomad world for a wiki-based application framework.” And “Google is a mysterious company. Sometimes I think they have more money than sense and are just flinging dollars around to keep Microsoft unbalanced and distracted from the one this really matters – revenue from contextual advertising on search and web services pages. That is, after all, the single legged stool on which the company’s success rests its increasing weight.Marc at ZDNet
    • Integration Options … Brady thinks about integration with Google Groups, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Chat and Apps For Your Domain. O’Reilly Radar

  • Socialtext Integrates with SharePoint … Socialtext released SocialPoint, a wiki that features tight integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2003. Although the forthcoming SharePoint Server 2007 will include integrated wiki functionality, Socialtext’s SocialPoint enables SharePoint customers with the current verison to get wiki capabilities immediately. “For example with SocialPoint, a marketing team working on a product launch can collaborate on product marketing materials within the wiki, and then share those materials with field contacts who link to the SharePoint portal so the field is informed about the launch. Conversely, SocialPoint enables the field to provide the market team with direct and timely feedback from customers.” Available immediately. MarketWire
    • Socialtext Best of Breed? … Dan reflects on Socialtext’s claims about being “best-of-breed”, and reports on his conversation with Ross. Dan Farber at ZDNet
    • Smart Move … “This could be the smartest yet made by an emerging wiki company, or a simple matter of good “marketecture” …. Essentially, the question is about the richness/depth of integration. If this is simply a collection of Web Parts being served up into SharePoint then its still a good move by SocialText – it’s a lot easier to sell an application than infrastructure nowadays. But the press release implies deeper architectural alignment.Mike Gotta
    • Use Existing Infrastructure … “SocialPoint becomes a great option for building a wikipedia inside your company within your existing architecture.Intranet Journal

  • NextPage 2.0 Document Retention Available … NextPage announced that its desktop document management tool, NextPage 2 Document Retention, is generally available. “NextPage 2 Document Retention is the only application that securely tracks document versions across e-mail, hard drives, removable media and servers. This innovative approach to desktop document management makes it easy to purge working copies and post final versions to a central server for archival and lifecycle management.” The product was previously available only to customers in the NextPage pilot program.To gauge your need for document retention help, NextPage offers an online assessment tool. BusinessWire


  • Verizon Wireless and Plaxo … Verizon Wireless announced a partnership with Plaxo, for the update of contact information in some Verizon Wireless handsets over-the-air. Ensures customers always have up-to-date contact details. Price is $4.49 per month. Reuters (Hat tip, Oliver)


  • Would You Choose the Same Stuff? … if you had to start over or decided to start over? What would you allow into your life, and what would you say “no” to? Kelly Forrister
  • Get the Right Tools … “If we buy a tool or utility, we must let it do the job in its own time lest we exhaust ourselves and ruin the project. This requires patience and self restraint. The temptation is always to get it done more quickly. But with practice, we start to see the effects of applying the right tool to the job and letting it work in its own time.Achieve-IT!
  • Built to Last vs. Able to Adapt … “There are some things that all good businesses have in common – a strong corporate culture, a willingness to question the status quo, intimacy with customers and a well-defined strategy. What most firms need to add is the ability to quickly reconfigure themselves and become very adaptable, and the capability to traverse to a new business model as they arise.” I’d add that the same applies to individuals too … Thinking Faster
  • Take a Nap … It will make a world of difference to your day. 43 Folders
  • Offline = Good for Thinking … Great thoughts from Melanie … “Being offline for a few days reminded me of just how tough it is in today’s always-on, interconnected world to focus on anything for more than a few minutes without getting interrupted. And the end result is that it’s awfully difficult to think—to spend time pondering, never mind dreaming, about the work that we do. But for all the talk about how important it is that employees, partners and even customers be able to collaborate across geographies and cultural boundaries—and for all the attention we pay to the new technologies that enable that collaboration—we overlook the critical need for people to work alone, with their own thoughts, to develop new ideas and nurture old ones.CollaborationLoop

Knowledge Management

  • Vignette and Sun … Vignette announced a strategic alliance with Sun, for joint go-to-market efforts in the new media, telco and entertainment spaces. Marries Sun’s hardware and software with Vignette’s content management and presentation offerings. Vignette
  • Recommind Integrates with SharePoint … Recommind, an enterprise search and categorization software provider, announced integration with the forthcoming Office SharePoint 2007 from Microsoft. “Combining the Recommind MindServer platform with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server enables users to quickly search knowledge assets — within the SharePoint portal, as well as in the organization’s e-mail, document management, enterprise management, human resources, time and billing, CRM, and contact management systems. Recommind delivers results ranked by relevancy to the users’ SharePoint interface. From here, users can refine their searches using Recommind smart filtering capabilities. When a search result is selected, the user can view text of the results through Document Preview, view additional context for the result, and browse other related results.Yahoo Finance

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