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Daily Report, Oct 31

Team Collaboration

  • What’s Up with Foldera? … Interview with Richard Lusk, the CEO of Foldera, on the current state of play over there. Foldera is working toward its next beta release in November, and a public release in 1Q2007. Please note that Foldera is my employer. v1 at BusinessWire and v2 at Yahoo
  • Wikis at Work … Evidence that “wikis” are moving beyond the realm of geeks in business … an article from Tacoma Daily Index on their use in business. Perhaps this could be Wiki 101 … “It’s a Web site where users can add, remove, and edit every page using a Web browser. It’s so terrifically easy for people to jump in and revise pages that wikis are becoming known as the tool of choice for large, multiple-participant projects.” Or “Contributing to a wiki is so much fun that it’s easy to become a wiki-addict.Tacoma Daily Index
  • New Burton Report … authored by Research Director Peter O’Kelly … “Three key content-oriented domains—hypertext, compound document models, and interactive compound document models—are collectively poised to present significant new opportunities for collaboration and content management. In this report, Research Director Peter O’Kelly explains related concepts and models, why they haven’t been more pervasive in the past, the market dynamics changing the game (including rapid growth in blogs and wikis), and the likely market impact on the established order in collaboration and content management.” Looks very interesting. If you’re a client, go get it. Burton Group
  • More on BlueTie’s Revenue Strategy … Dan at CRN uses the phrase “featuretisements” that link a click on an icon within the BlueTie user interface with a service provider offering appropriate capabilities. BlueTie currently has over 100,000 mailboxes across 6800 or so business customers (average of 14.7 mailboxes per customer). CRN
  • Wrike for Project Management … Wrike is a web-based project management tool for organizing project related information and tasks. Users CC: email messages to Wrike, and they appear in the system. Task assignment is supported. “Wrike makes your planning and collaboration simple, flexible and safe! With Wrike you can easily solve all these issues and organize your projects in a highly user-friendly way.Wrike


  • Form Factor is Important for Mobile Workers … The physical form factor of a computer is much more important for mobile workers. Craig looks at some of those factors, and asks why he just can’t run Windows in full on a mobile device. He’s going to try some of the new entrants out in the near future. SearchMobileComputing
  • The PDA is Dead, or is the Definition Merely Changing? … What is a PDA? Is it a small handheld device that offers personal management functions AND that lacks wireless communication capabilities? Or can it include wireless capabilities? If you take the position that it lacks wireless, the PDA is dying. If you take the position (like me) that it can include wireless, then the PDA is going well. ComputerWorld
  • Cingular Introducing the iPAQ hw6920 … Cingular will release the iPAQ hw6920 Mobile Messenger shortly … it offers both cellular and Bluetooth wireless connectivitiy. The hw6920 runs on Windows Mobile 5.0, and supports wireless email integration with Exchange Server 2003. CRMBuyer


  • Jakob in Debunk Mode … Jakob Nielsen debunk’s Apple “large monitors aid productivity” study, arguing that (a) it didn’t test realistic tasks, and (b) it didn’t test realistic use. He notes, however, that “I don’t question that bigger monitors are better, I’m simply pointing out that we can’t trust Apple’s study to estimate the magnitude of the benefits.UseIT
  • Calculating Productivity Improvements … more from Jakob (in an Intranet context, although the same principle applies to other things) … “The real way to use our data is not to look at a single task, as I did here. Instead, if you want to estimate potential productivity improvements for your intranet, you should measure all of the intranet tasks and assess their productivity relative to the designs we documented in our detailed report. If you think a redesign would let you move up a certain degree in usability, you could then see what that level’s user productivity would be for all of the tasks. Finally, you’d compute the difference between the target productivity and your current measurements to get an estimate of how much money you’d save by improving the intranet.UseIT
  • TimeTo Software … TimeTo is a to-do list manager for Windows, that helps you to (a) balance your priorities and commitments, (b) priorities based on expected return and value to you, (c) splits large tasks into workable chunks, and (d) can run entirely from a USB key for total portability. It also syncs with Outlook Tasks and thus various devices. David Berman
  • How to Get Things Done … Don’t multitask because (a) you drain productivity, (b) you become dumber, and (c) you miss deadlines. Instead, (a) focus on one destination point, (b) remove all distractions and intensely focus, and then (c) set a new destination point. Trizle
  • Process Checklists / Flows … Chris encourages us to create “mini process flows” for the things we do regularly. Think checklists, or templates. It ensures that nothing falls through the cracks when you go through it the next time, and it provides a place for reflection on how to improve your ability to deliver. Lifehack
  • Is it Worth Doing? … YAAF (“Yet Another Awesome Form”) from David on deciding when something is worth doing or not. “What I need is executive focus from a leader that understands how to grow my business, a manager that knows how to motivate me. I once read that the most effective executives ask themselves a simple question: What can I do to add value to the company? If the task at hand doesn’t add value, then screw it! Do something else that does!David Seah

Knowledge Management

  • Emulex Upgrades to Agile 9.2 … Emulex Corporation has upgraded to Version 9.2 of Agile Software Corporation’s product lifecycle management solution.”With Agile 9.2’s advanced collaboration capabilities, stakeholders in the extended design and supply chain have secure access to critical product record data, including bills of material, attributes, manufacturers, configurations, specifications, documents, models, work instructions and revisions. Emulex can now better evaluate and integrate information fed back from its contract manufacturers, leading to a reduction in time-to-market and increase in productivity.prnewswire
  • SpringCM Raises $8 Million … SpringCM, a content management software developer, announced $8 million in new financing. “SpringCM charges monthly and annual subscription fees to organizations including Cox Communications and Rush University Medical Center to help their employees manage and share documents online. The software is distributed and managed via the Internet.” The money is supposed to be used for financing the business through to profitability, for example by hiring sales and marketing professionals. Chicago Sun-Times

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