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Daily Report, Oct 25

Team Collaboration

  • Collaborate vs. Not … Ann shares four reasons why “people don’t collaborate”, although the article is seriously mis-titled and should have been called “why people don’t embrace collabration technology”. One finding from the academic literature is that the greatest return comes when the focus is on improving the work process, rather than embracing the technology per se. And given the four reason Ann has outlined, is it any wonder that people remain with what they know? CollaborationLoop
  • Better Video Conferencing … The AMI (Augmented Multi-Party Interaction) project is exploring how to extract the maximum possible usefulness from business meetings held at multiple locations, through the judicious use of technology tools. “The research goals of AMIDA, which kicked off in October 2006 and will run until September 2009, are extremely ambitious, and are aimed at creating a new type of video conferencing facility. This new facility will combine several challenging and usually separate fields, including qualitative human analysis, audio-video processing, multimodal structure and content analysis, and HCI.IST Results
  • Email Addiction? … Lindsey from Symantec opines on email addiction, overflowing inboxes (spam, too many CC:’s, and more), consequential IT decisions … and concludes with (a rather weak IMHO) analysis of what to do about it. Symantec Business Trends
  • Microsoft on Blogs and Wikis in Business … Peter points to a new white paper from Microsoft on using SharePoint 2007 to power business wikis and blogs. “The paper includes discussion and examples of uses that are relevant to board, business, and technical managers, such as program management, departmental and organizational collaboration, partner team working, and compliance.Peter de Haas


  • Single Deletion in Mobile Email … “If every email you read and then delete requires that you “touch” it again on your desktop, you are doing a lot of extra work. In the paper world, you get the most efficiency by minimizing the number of times you have to physically handle an item. The digital world is no different. Everytime you have to decide what to do with an email requires you to take time and make a decision. If you have to decide what to do with each email twice, you’ll effectively double the amount of email you have to deal with.Productive Strategies
  • BlackBerry Addiction … “… even as some workers celebrate their newfound mobility, others are finding they’ve entered into a 24/7 relationship with the device — and that time off from work has become more work-centric than ever. We’ve heard endless examples of those who clip handhelds to their bathing suits on vacation, send text messages as they’re driving, or check and send messages during concerts, bar mitzvahs, funerals, family dinners. Yes, some even admit to checking messages while sitting on the commode first thing in the morning.” If you “jump when it vibrates”, you have a problem.
  • News International Embraces Windows Mobile … News International Ltd elected to deploy Windows Mobile devices rather than the BlackBerry, due to a 15-24% lower total cost of ownership calculations over a three-year period. There’s a Word document available if you want the full details.
  • Funambol Phone Certification … Funambol launched a community program called “Phone Sniper”, which involves people testing different cell phones against a Funambol wireless email server to check for compatibility and identify any outstanding issues. “Phone Sniper provides $25 for each phone that is fully tested. There are four steps for testing a phone that take a total of 30 – 60 minutes: Apply, Test, Report and Reward. Funambol will publish on its website the devices that are certified to be Funambol compatible, as well as device configuration steps, and contributor recognition.Yahoo Finances


  • Be Happy … From a Harvard University class: (1) goals are a means toward an end, not an end state themselves; (2) slow down and appreciate what you already have; (3) make mental health a priority; and more. Selling Power
  • Go Higher … “Analyze your daily shortcomings–the put-offs, the shortcuts, and the minimum efforts–as though they were indications of a career crisis. Plug into the power that the knowledge of a crisis gives you and use it to jump to higher and higher achievements.Selling Power
  • Top Time Management Secrets … Readers weigh in on time management: (1) merge high-tech with common sense, (2) plan a full year in advance, (3) leave yourself a voicemail, (4) turn off the TV, (5) carry an emergency productivity kit, (6) keep conversations in check, (7) capture ideas on a voice recorder, (8) take inventory of your time, (9) say “no” to good things in favor of the best, and (10) do it now, not later (although remember that in GTD, you can decide to do it later) … and much more. Realtor Magazine Online
  • Keep Practicing for 10 Years … The secret to success: painful and demanding practice and hard work. “The good news is that your lack of a natural gift is irrelevant – talent has little or nothing to do with greatness. You can make yourself into any number of things, and you can even make yourself great …. Reinforcing that no-free-lunch finding is vast evidence that even the most accomplished people need around ten years of hard work before becoming world-class, a pattern so well established researchers call it the ten-year rule.” Michael’s caveat: Be careful what you choose to pursue; you’ll probably get it. Fortune Magazine
  • Bring in One Grain at a Time … “The ant was able to get through the winter bringing in only one grain of wheat a day. What does one grain of wheat equal for you? Three minutes of tidying your desk? Five minutes of going through the mail and processing it? Four minutes of deleting no longer relevant emails? Those grains really add up.Productivity Goal

Knowledge Management

  • Endeca IAP 5.0 … Endeca released Version 5.0 of its Information Access Platform, an enterprise offering for information discovery, analysis, visualization and text analytics. “The Endeca IAP 5.0 represents a pioneering example of unified information access technologies. These technologies are designed to unite disparate content and data, while offering intuitive, interactive tools — like search, navigation, alerting and visualization — to enable new classes of user-centric information access applications.” Available November 2006. Endeca
  • Covea “One to Watch” … The Microsoft Emerging Business Team listed Covea, the provider for enterprise search capabilities for SharePoint, as one of 26 emerging businesses to watch. “We selected Coveo as a company to feature in this year’s Innovation Starts Here book because we feel Coveo is making a real difference to our enterprise customers, particularly in the area of secure enterprise search capability which is a critical and growing need today.
  • AuthorIT Website Manager … AuthorIT released Website Manager, for the development of internal and external Web sites. Enables content creators to write content that is then delivered on demand in the correct style and layout, as specified by the webmanager. “The AuthorIT technology suite provides a collaborative environment where any numbers of users, across global locations, can simultaneously control the authoring, review, modification, distribution, security, and publishing of any content within the organization. The addition of AuthorIT Website Manager is an innovation that enhances AuthorIT’s well established content management solution.AuthorIT
  • WebSideStory Active Browsing … WebSideStory released Active Browsing, an enhanced search service that uses AJAX technology in the user interface for better speed and interactivity. “Active Browsing works by transforming site search into a highly interactive application that accesses server data optimally, and allows for user interface innovations such as “bubbles” that overlay the page to provide more information and navigation choices. This enables visitors to speed through product search results and related facets – color, size, gender, etc. – without having to reload the page every time. Active Browsing lays the foundation for additional product capabilities that will take site search to whole new levels of interactivity, including more intuitive interaction conventions and user interfaces.WebSideStory
  • ISYS 8 … ISYS Search Software released Version 8 of its namesake search, navigation and discovery platform. Includes desktop, web and developer tools. New features: expertise location, federated search, best bets, search trends, and integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2007, among others. Within ISYS:desktop 8, one of the new capabilities is “Associated Documents”, that shows associated email messages and documents, a key need for today’s information worker. Available immediately. ISYS
  • Brainware and Attensity … Brainware announced that the search and classification capabilities in its Globalbrain offering have been incorporated into Version 4 of Attensity, a text analytics suite from Attensity Corp. Brainware’s technology has enabled Attensity to offer workflow-based analysis of text for business users. Brainware

Other Cool Stuff

  • SideJobTrack … Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting and project management software for the part-time independent contractor. There’s a free and for fee version (Pro). Side Job Track
  • Improve Management Ethics … Gary outlines four things to embrace to improve management ethics: (1) give up a focus on the short-term, (2) craft a Board that takes a proactive interest in what’s really happening, (3) communicate the truth, and (4) take responsibility. Managers Realm

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