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Daily Report, Oct 21

Team Collaboration

  • Jive Software Interview … The Intranet Journal interviewed Matt Tucker from Jive Software, the makers of forum software and a new open source enterprise IM offering. Discussion points: Jive history, Jive vs. SharePoint, Office 2.0 / Web 2.0, and Jive’s new IM offerings. Intranet Journal
  • SpringCM on WebEx Connect … SpringCM announced that its on-demand enterprise content management applications will be available on the WebEx Connect platform. “This will provide seamless enterprise document access from anywhere, collaborative editing and approval tools, and complete on and offline publishing capabilities within WebEx Connect based applications.” The addition of SpringCM will permit customers to integrate documents with other parts of the WebEx collaboration platform.
  • Pragmatech Buys and Integrates redirects to, and the DNS record for Kubi points to Pragmatech ownership. And it looks like Kubi’s capabilities have been integrated into The RFP Machine, one of Pragmatech’s offerings. Listen to this … “Email-based collaboration using Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, or any SMTP mail system, as well as file sharing enables team authoring of RFP response documents and efficient content updates“. Wasn’t that what Kubi did in its v2 lifetime? No official announcement as of yet …
  • Xythos at SAP … Xythos announced that SAP has licensed the Xythos Drive to enhance its ability to deliver integration between the SAP NetWeaver Portal and Windows-based computers. They’ve called it “Portal Drive”. “With Portal Drive, SAP NetWeaver Portal content (more precisely all content accessible by the Knowledge Management capabilities of SAP NetWeaver) appears as standard Windows files and folders which are securely accessible over the web. Users can even manage SAP NetWeaver Portal content when they’re not online using the Portal Drive’s offline synchronization features.Comment: Kudos and well done to Xythos. This is an awesome win!


  • Visto for Symbian … Visto announced that it has successfully achieved certification of its push email solution for Symbian devices. “The hallmark guarantees mobile professionals a high-quality mobile email experience, and will help accelerate a mass adoption of business-ready push email services on Symbian smartphones.Comment: yeah, I agree on part A of that, but whether mass market adoption happens or not is to be determined. Visto, and ZDNet UK
  • Microsoft Crossbow is Coming … Microsoft intends to release Crossbow, the next version of its Windows Mobile operating system, in 4Q2006 to manufacturing partners, with devices ready for the public in 1H2007. Key design goals: (a) tight integration with the Office server stack (eg, Exchange), (b) improved stability, and (c) a better user interface/experience. InformationWeek. Comment: I’m not going to buy into this round; after being burnt three times already, I’m sticking with BlackBerry.
  • DataViz Documents To Go 9 … DataViz announced Version 9 of its Documents To Go add-on for Palm OS devices, for creating, viewing and editing Microsoft Office documents. New features: better file formatting consistency, an integrated file explorer, and various updates to the bundled products. “DataViz has replaced DocSync Technology with InTact Technology in Documents To Go 9. Now files that are edited on the mobile device no longer have to rely on a wired synchronization with a desktop in order to maintain file integrity. Edited files on the mobile device can be emailed as attachments and still retain their complex file formatting including track changes, headers and footers, macros and animations to name a few.” Available immediately. DataViz


  • It’s Not What You Remember … But What You Can Find … Where do you store your information? In your head? Or somewhere where you can find it again when you need it? Jason Womack

Other Cool Stuff

  • Foot Cramp when Swimming … I’ve been trying to work out why I get foot cramps after swimming 1500 metres or so. It seems like it is a fairly common problem. Ideas to resolve: stay hydrated, eat more bananas, point your toes less, massage it … and one person even wears sneakers in the water to prevent it from happening. And it sounds like the cramps go away after you’ve stayed swimming for a few months (and thus your feet are more used to it)., Dr Jessica Seaton, Yahoo Answers

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