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How Much Is This Meeting Costing?

Meetings can be very effective if you run them right. Meetings are frequently required to share ideas, discover disagreement, talk through to agreement, and decide to coordinate action in particular way. Other times, meetings drag on for far too long … are highly ineffective … are boring … […]

Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Monday, June 21)

Litera IDS is a collaborative document co-authoring solution. – Enables multiple people to work on a single document, and combines legal redlines into a single document. – Includes access control capabilities, to limit access to the document. – Integrates with major document management systems. Mainsoft announced a partner […]

Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Monday, May 31)

Google shut down EtherPad. – Google has added most of the functionality to Google Wave. – There are other options, though, including MeetingWords, iEtherPad,, and more. eXpresso is pleased that Forrester sees them as a better collaboration alternative for Office documents than Google. – eXpresso offers a […]

Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Wednesday, May 5)

Central Desktop released Central Desktop for Office, a new co-authoring add-in. – Central Desktop users can open / edit / save Central Desktop files using Office. – Supports simultaneous co-authoring of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. – The new release “eliminaties the need to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint/Office 2010 […]