Meeting Scheduling – Recent News (Tuesday, June 22)

Gina coaches us to practice defensive scheduling.
– Make commitments with yourself first, and put them on your calendar!
– Use your calendar to remind you when tasks need to be done.
– Make sure you always have your calendar with you.

Tuesday 3pm is a good time to schedule meetings, apparently.
– People are more likely to come prepared.
– People will be watching the clock, so will be more focused.
– Alternatively, try the Swiss trains approach – eg, a 10:12am to 10:26am meeting.
– To work out how much a meeting costs, see

When Is Good is a new online meeting scheduling service.
– The meeting organizer selects the times they can meet, and sends a link to invitees.
– Invitees can choose times that work for them.
– No account is necessary.
– See videos about how it works.

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