Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Monday, June 21)

Litera IDS is a collaborative document co-authoring solution.
– Enables multiple people to work on a single document, and combines legal redlines into a single document.
– Includes access control capabilities, to limit access to the document.
– Integrates with major document management systems.

Mainsoft announced a partner program for Harmony Enterprise Edition.
– Harmony is a sidebar for Outlook, for integration with SharePoint.
– The Enterprise Edition adds manageability and deployment services.
– By “partner”, Mainsoft is referring to early adopting organizations, not business partners.
– For more about Harmony, see the building43 interview between Robert Scoble and Yacov Cohen.

TextFlow released an integration with Google Docs.
– TextFlow and Google Docs is an alternative to Word and track changes for collating feedback.
– It’s available through the Google Apps Marketplace.
– The Google integration is one of three editions of TextFlow that’s available.

Google improved the sharing capabilities in Google Docs.
– A streamlined user interface, for quickly seeing which documents are being shared.
– New options to better support a collaborative document creation workflow.

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