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Scheduling a Meeting – Recent News (April Monday 19)

Tungle announced the addition of to the Google Apps Marketplace. – For Google Apps organizations, all employees can be automagically given too. Mashable reviewed four Web-based meeting scheduling services. – Doodle … “pleasantly light, quick-and-dirty scheduler with the most intuitive interface“ – Tungle … “a brand […]

MindManager for SharePoint: Tasks

Today I installed MindManager for SharePoint on my Lenovo W500 running Windows 7 Professional. There were a couple of pre-requisites that weren’t there already, and after prompting me for them and getting me okay, downloaded and installed them with no problem. So far so good. Testing the Task […]

MindManager for SharePoint: Overview

Mindjet released a new product a while back, and I’ve been taking a look this week. It’s called MindManager for SharePoint, and combines the visual mapping power of MindManager with the collaboration capabilities of SharePoint. A couple of specifics up front: – It’s a different product from MindManager […]

My Fear for SAP StreamWork: Too Special Purpose

SAP recently shifted 12sprints (which I reviewed in February), its collaborative decision-making service, out of beta and into production. It has a new name: SAP StreamWork. From the features page: “SAP STREAMWORK IS RESULTS-DRIVEN Give structure to discussions and create a collective view with business methods: When maneuvering […]

Collaboration Scenarios (April 6, 2010)

Okay, so this is an idea … re-orienting what I’ve historically done about new products and services in line with common collaborative processes. I’m not promising to do this again, or regularly … I’m just experimenting. Comments welcome. I’ll have to re-think this layout though … it’s hard […]