Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Wednesday, May 5)

Central Desktop released Central Desktop for Office, a new co-authoring add-in.
– Central Desktop users can open / edit / save Central Desktop files using Office.
– Supports simultaneous co-authoring of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
– The new release “eliminaties the need to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint/Office 2010 for the same functionality,” says Central Desktop.
Watch the video.
My analysis: A great addition to the offering, helps with integrating CD into the user’s daily world.

TextFlow stepped up from its beta release and released TextFlow 1.0.
– TextFlow is a “visual management tool to compare and merge document versions“, says Nordic River.
– TextFlow also released a desktop client for Microsoft Word and Open Office users.
– “TextFlow offers Microsoft Word users a simple, yet dynamic way to gather and review text input from colleagues, partners and clients in order to make effective decisions on which contributions will go into the next version. This professional text management tool provides business users with the means to compare and merge document versions, showing which changes have been made by whom, so users can decide which input to choose, refuse or archive for later use. With TextFlow, users can quickly and easily finalize each decision on content changes in order to produce a better, more cohesive final document.
My analysis: There is a need for better collaborative document co-authoring practices, and this technology offers one of the potential better ways.

Cynapse released, a new real-time document conferencing service.
– In comparison to its flagship offering,, is intended to offer “absolute simplicity“, says Cynapse.
– The new service is based on EtherPad technology, which was open sourced by Google after the acquisition.
– “The slick collaboration tool consists of real-time web based Notes that users can create with a click of a button. You can invite your friends and colleagues to collaborate on the note. Multiple users can simultaneously edit the note and any changes are instantly reflected on everyone’s screen. In-built instant messaging with every note enables discussions to happen around the document being edited. The result – a new and productive way to collaborate and conference on text documents, useful for meeting notes, brainstorming, project planning, drafting sessions, training and a lot more.
My analysis: It should be immediately valuable to current clients, and give Cynapse a new way to reach new prospects.

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