Managing Projects – Recent News (Wednesday, June 2)

Threadbox released Threadbox Messenger, an email replacement tool.
– Supports one-to-one and group conversations / discussions.
– Offers integrated presence.
– Users can share files in Threadbox.
– It’s intended to be a replacement for email and IM clients.
– There is a PRO account coming, and a desktop app for Mac and PC to notify about new activity.
– See

kkloud is a new open way of sharing files between multiple people.
– Browse to the kkloud web site, enter a share name, and upload files.
– Let other people know the name of the share, and they’re in.
– There is NO security over access, however, so be careful!
– Having said that, files are shared only until the sharer closes the browser window.

Email is not going away anytime soon.
– Email is too good compared to any other offering on the market today.
– It’s universal, it’s familiar, it’s ubiquitous.
– That’s not to say the current experience can’t be improved.
– IBM is doing this with Project Vulcan, and Google with Google Wave.

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