Mobile Devices for Collaboration – Recent News (Monday, May 17)

IBM released a mobile viewer for LotusLive Meetings, for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
– It is available on the Apple iTunes App Store.
– Looks like it is a “view only” app (and that’s fine).
My analysis: Various other Web conferencing providers already offer these types of apps — GoToMeeting, Fuze, and WebEx. This is a “must-do” for IBM.

HP acquired Palm for $1.2 billion.
– HP is after Palm’s operating system for mobile devices.
– As a result, HP has apparently killed the forthcoming HP Slate device.
My analysis: HP’s iPAQ line used to be on my “must-have” list, but the unreliability of Windows on small form-factor devices made the iPAQ line less than great. Other providers — Apple and RIM particularly — have stolen the market leadership position. Not sure how buying Palm will give HP the boost it needs to get back to where it was, though.

RIM announced a slew of new offerings at its recent conference. Ted looks at the details.
– BlackBerry 6 is coming, with better browsing, touchscreen, and interface constructs.
– There are a couple of new devices: the Pearl 3G and a new Bold.
– RIM is offering a range of “super apps” for messaging and collaboration.

Microsoft cancelled the Courier Tablet, sadly.
– The Courier offered twin screens, hinged in the middle.
– It is unclear why it was cancelled.
– See also: MacWorld.
My analysis: Very sad. The Courier looked an impressive feat of engineering, and held great promise.

SAP acquired Sybase for $5.25 billion.
– There is a database element to the acquisition, as well as significant mobility technology.
– Eg, “Executives from SAP and Sybase have already started talking about creating more involved mobile applications that will give remote workers access to floods of information. Yvonne Genovese, an analyst at Gartner, described this mobile technology as “a big deal.” Large companies already started to push their standard business software out to mobile phones, and now they are trying to do more with the data that returns from the devices.
My question: Will this result in anything special for SAP StreamWorks on mobile devices?

Kindling added mobility features to its idea management application, and SharePoint integration.
– On mobile device support: “With a clean and easy to use interface, Kindling Mobile offers one-click idea submission and easy access to the latest ideas and discussions happening on Kindling so that users can collaborate anywhere. Recognizing the diversity of Smartphones used for business, Kindling Mobile is built on web-standards for an engaging experience on any mobile Web browser. This approach allows device users to collaborate without any application download or IT integration requirements.Read more.
– On SharePoint: “To drive enhanced collaboration, SharePoint administrators can configure Kindling’s Web Part to integrate customized views and lists of ideas throughout SharePoint. With Kindling’s integrated federated search, SharePoint users can find relevant ideas as results of their SharePoint queries. With unified authentication and single sign-on, SharePoint users can seamlessly move between SharePoint and Kindling without barriers to participation.Read more.
My analysis: Good, solid moves by Kindling to integrate into the common places where people work today.