Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Thursday, April 22)

Google updated Google Docs with real-time collaboration capabilities.
– Offers real-time, character-by-character editing for multiple users
– Adds a new commenting system
– Applies to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and a new Drawing Editor
– Google has pulled back on using Gears for offline access. It will re-explore this with HTML5 technology at some point.
– InformationWeek has a special issue on Google’s play for the “collaboration backbone” (PDF).

Microsoft released the beta of Docs for Facebook.
– It was built with Office 2010 Web Apps.
– It enables Facebook users to share Office documents with their friends.
– From the Docs blog: “The fact that we’ve been able to adapt the Office 2010 “Web Apps” technology to work directly with Facebook truly speaks to the flexibility and power not just of the Facebook platform, but also of the Office system’s rich “contextual collaboration” capabilities. And we’d never have been able to achieve our critical ‘simplicity’ goals had it not been for our ability to use a new test feature from Facebook that allows us to build an instantly personalized and seamless document authorization & sharing experience directly from our site.

OffiSync released an update, with new real-time document co-authoring capabilities.
– When working on a document, if someone else opens and starts editing the same document, you get notified.
– If you want to see the edits appear in real time, they do.
– If you don’t, you can merge them when you want to.

ImprovElectronics released the Boogie Board, an LCD writing tablet.
– You can write on it with your fingernail, or a stylus.
– Brian has been testing it out.
– If they add WiFi, will that allow co-boogie’ing?

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