Document Co-Authoring – Recent News (Monday, May 31)

Google shut down EtherPad.
– Google has added most of the functionality to Google Wave.
– There are other options, though, including MeetingWords, iEtherPad,, and more.

eXpresso is pleased that Forrester sees them as a better collaboration alternative for Office documents than Google.
– eXpresso offers a number of advantages over Google, including file fidelity, offline editing, and smarter real-time interaction. They are, however, much less well-known.
– eXpresso has been rather quiet of late. This is the first blog post from them since January 2010. added email addresses for folders, meaning people can email documents into Box folders.
– The email address for each folder is specific. The folder owner turns it on, and can control access.
– Email-in is in addition to other upload options.
– Fax-to-email and Scan-to-email will work for getting documents into Box.
– Box also introduced drag-and-drop options.

Principles are essential for effective collaborative writing, says Lokesh.
– Three main principles: common vision, clear roles and rules, and suspended pride of authorship.
– He outlines a seven step approach to an effective effort.

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