Traction TeamPage 5.0: It's Out, and Tasks Are Coming

Last month Traction Software released Version 5.0 of TeamPage, its collaboration software for organizations. Version 5.0 includes a variety of new things:
– A revised user interface, using Google technology.
– Profiles for people, which can be extended depending on what you want to have in there.
– A variety of views / summary pages about what people are doing in the system – new edits, changed tags, and so on.
– … and much more.

I have written about or covered Traction TeamPage news before here on Currents. Anyway, just off the phone with Jordan Frank, their VP of Business Development. He walked me through some of the changes. What I really liked was the upcoming (beyond Version 5.0) things around task management. This means,

  • You have the ability to create tasks as a direct item in TeamPage. You could “fudge” it before, by giving something a “task:michael” tag, and then aggregate the tag.
  • Task items are contextualized to a given content paragraph. You don’t have to go somewhere else to see a list of tasks – they are displayed in-line with content. You can see directly what people are supposed to be working on, or you can create your own task items as soon as you see an item of interest.
  • Task items from across the system aggregate to give a consolidated view of what someone is supposed to be working on, a key principle in Pillar 6 of my framework.

All in all, great stuff. I look forward to see “Version 5.upcoming” as the delivery of these tasking ideas.