How Much Is This Meeting Costing?

Meetings can be very effective if you run them right. Meetings are frequently required to share ideas, discover disagreement, talk through to agreement, and decide to coordinate action in particular way.

Other times, meetings drag on for far too long … are highly ineffective … are boring … have the wrong people there … and so on. And doing so is costly. Bring TIM is a fun way for everyone to remember that meetings have a cost.

Introducing Bring TIM!® (Time Is Money) – a fun yet useful office clock that tallies the dollars spent in long meetings. Simply enter the number of people in the room, ballpark an average hourly wage, and press the illuminated start button. Everyone will be amazed as the dollars pile up with every second that ticks by. Bring TIM!® is the ultimate conversation piece and gift idea for anyone that attends long business meetings. Doubles as an office clock. Money back guarantee if you are not delighted!

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