Microsoft SharePoint

Evaluating SharePoint 2010: Document Management in Law Firms

This month starts a new research project for me: Evaluating the applicability of SharePoint 2010 across a variety of business scenarios. The intent of the research is to consider how well the technology of SharePoint 2010 aligns with common business scenarios, where it should be used, and where it should be avoided.

The first part of the research is to evaluate the applicability of SharePoint 2010 to support the document management requirements of law firms. This research project aims to answer the following four questions:

  1. What technical functionality do law firms require from document management, including basic and more advanced requirements?
  2. To what extent does SharePoint 2010 support these requirements? What else is needed from Microsoft to support the basic and advanced requirements (eg, Office 2010)?
  3. To the extent that SharePoint 2010 does not support these requirements, how can they be mitigated using add-on products?
  4. Under what circumstances should law firms abandon SharePoint 2010 in favor of an alternative document management system?

I realize that SharePoint 2010 is new on the block, and so hands-on experience with many of these issues will only be at a beginning. Nonetheless, it’s an important discussion for planning strategy.

How Can You Help?
I am looking for people to interview — from law firms, and from document management vendors. If you have a perspective on the questions above, please contact me. Thank you.