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Avoiding Accidental Expertise Discovery

There are some really sad stories of how people have accidentally stumbled across expertise that was sorely needed. While the stories make for funny reading, they are sad in the sense that these types of accidents just shouldn’t happen. Organizations should have better ways of sensing who is […]

Video Conferencing Where You Work

On The Smarter Office, I posted on video conferencing where you work: “A couple of reports this week paint an interesting picture on the adoption of video conferencing equipment and approaches in the enterprise. According to a Deloitte study of 250 CFOs, making more video conferencing equipment available […]

Collaborating in Office 2013

On The Smarter Office, I posted my thoughts about the updated / enhanced / new ways of collaborating in the upcoming Office 2013: “It’s one of Microsoft’s regular big years this year, with a whole swath of updated products coming to market in line with Microsoft’s three or […]

IGLOO Software Embeds MicroStrategy BI Tools for Social Insight

IGLOO Software announced a partnership with MicroStrategy, for the integration of MicroStrategy’s business intelligence tools into IGLOO’s social business suite: “The solution will allow IGLOO customers to track user participation, influence, activity and engagement in a social intranet or extranet. As social technologies are introduced to business, workflow […]

Basecamp Next – The New Calendar

37signals is getting ready to release a major revision of Basecamp. The calendar has been significantly upgraded: “It’s hard to believe we didn’t have a proper calendar in Basecamp until June of 2011. Before that we had a list-based view which worked exceptionally well for nearly seven years, […]