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Change of Plans for US Workshops

I have just cancelled the two US workshops — in Chicago and Atlanta — and at this time, will be spending a couple of extra days in St Louis instead … before heading to London on Friday night. I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to meeting those who […]

Almost Time to Head Off

It’s almost time to bid farewell to New Zealand for a couple of weeks, and head to the US for a week of consulting and workshops, and then across to Europe for the same. As per my trip schedule, I have stops in Santa Monica, Chicago, Atlanta, St […]

Michael's World Tour: March and April 2009

On March 23, I leave New Zealand for a two-week tour of the United States and Europe. The topic: using SharePoint for collaboration, based partly on Seamless Teamwork, as well as a plethora of other material. Here’s my schedule: United States – Tuesday March 24: Santa Monica (inhouse […]

He Works Out All Things

Written early Monday morning … Today marks the beginning of inhouse editions of the Seamless Teamwork Seminar, a 3 hour presentation of the main ideas of my book Seamless Teamwork. I have four to deliver today and tomorrow — two in Melbourne (Australia), and two in Sydney (Australia). […]

2009 is here!

The old year has vanished for about 75% of the world, and in its place 2009 has settled. Within a few hours, we’ll all be there. Although it can be viewed as “just another day”, there’s something monumentual about a year going and a new one starting. At […]

"Hello, I'm an Angry PC"

A month ago today I switched from a Mac to a PC, for various reasons, some of which I outlined in a blog post . It was a brand new PC — a Lenovo W500 with 4GB of RAM, running Windows Vista Ultimate, and connected to my existing […]

My New Blogging Strategy

My writing here has languished in the past year as I have worked on Seamless Teamwork and the other projects that fill my days (not to mention learning to type again!). And even when I did write here, most of my blogging time was devoted to abstracting what […]