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Feedback on Collaboration

Last Friday, I sent out my new email newsletter for the first time. There were a couple of problems for people that received it, which I haven’t been too happy about: (1) I changed DNS servers for about 10 days ago, and some internal DNS servers have […]

A Day in Melbourne (April 10)

After the two hectic days in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, I had a slower-paced day in Melbourne. I did a bit of walking between the three meetings that I had, and that was a nice change from going everywhere in a rush in a taxi. At 10.30am, I […]

Traveling to Australia

Waking at 3.17am … thus waking up 7 minutes before my alarm clock was due to go off. Seeing a little owl on the road at 3.55am. It flew off as I turned the corner. Driving to the airport with a pilot about to fly a plane to […]

The 8 That Didn't Get Away …

Susanna (3) wanted me to bake gingerbread men with her this afternoon. We made 16 — the first 8 disappeared for afternoon tea — and the remaining 8 got iced before being consumed by hungry desert goers. I didn’t have the right icing equipment, so used (very clean) […]

That Day Again …

Yesterday it was that day again. I was 36 … wow, I remember when my mother turned 36 … and now that’s my age. Where did those 20 or so years go … On Sunday night we had my Mum, Dad, Sister and Aunt come for dinner, along […]