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Two Recent Questions on the Switch to Dvorak

I have had a couple of recent emails about switching to the Dvorak keyboard in September 2007 due to RSI.

Annie wrote, “very interesting article about typing with fingers on DVORAK and the thumbs on the qwerty of blackberry……. i have hesitated to get a blackberry because of this. been typing dvorak since 1975, THE BEST!!!!!!! but then i never look down at the keys, it’s all feel, and thumbs are all looking. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

My response was:

Note that I often don’t look at the BB keys … my point in the article was that just as you have trained your fingers to work without looking, so you can train your thumbs with a different pattern.

I did recently have a counter-example though. I was typing on the BlackBerry, and my thumb went to click the “s” key (Qwerty) for an “o” (Dvorak). Maybe something about super-dominant pattern perhaps.

The second question was from Marcus, just today: “I ran across your blog about switching to the Dvorak keyboard back in 2007. I am curious as a cat to find out if it ended up paying off for you, now, 15 months after your original post. Would you say it was worth the effort?

My answer to Marcus was:

My primary objective was to solve the RSI problem I was having on an increasing basis. Switching to Dvorak has done that, and while I can type pretty well on the Dvorak layout, I still have to concentrate harder than with the Qwerty one. I’d probably still shift, knowing now how much effort it took!

Per Forrest, unless you have any other questions, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

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