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An Early GEEC Dinner

Even since conversing with Chris Brogan for a podcast regarding a previous employer, given how much we had in common (Batman Begins = Great, running / push-ups, similar ages of children, and more), I’ve been hoping to meet the man himself in person. Chris lives here in Boston, […]

A Sunday Morning in Boston

Back in 1992, NCR in New Zealand ran a nationwide essay contest for undergraduate students at any University or polytechnic (technical institute). I entered and won. Anyhoo, the CEO of NCR at that time was Jim Butts, and we’ve kept in touch over the years. He and Peg, […]

I went to Disneyland!!!

In an act of tremendous kindness, the Macless one and his family took me to Disneyland in the few hours we had after I arrived in California and before our 10.25pm flight to Boston. We had a fun-packed and quick-paced 3 hours at Disneyland, and managed to squeeze […]

My Dad Finishes Teaching, June 12

My parents are ministers in the Salvation Army, and since 1991 they have been stationed in Upper Hutt (which is above Wellington at the base of the North Island — we live in the middle of the South Island). Dad has been teaching at the Salvation Army’s equivalent […]


My lovely daughter Susanna is three on June 11. This is the clown suit she’s just received from Nan & Pa (Katrina’s Mum and Dad).

Reflections on Easter 2007, Apr 9

Easter has come and gone for 2007 … at least down here in New Zealand. I’m left with some lingering thought strands: Here is New Zealand both Good Friday and the Monday after Easter Sunday are national public holidays, so this 4 day long weekend has been a […]

Four Things, Mar 16

Wow, life is ever so busy at the moment … and finding quiet times to write and think are few and precious between. Four things of note that I wanted to share: My PhD Proposal is Almost Done … I’ve been working on my PhD proposal for the […]