2009 is here!

The old year has vanished for about 75% of the world, and in its place 2009 has settled. Within a few hours, we’ll all be there. Although it can be viewed as “just another day”, there’s something monumentual about a year going and a new one starting. At least, I feel like that.

A year ago, as 2008 started, I had some hopes and dreams for my life and work. Becoming a “published author” with Seamless Teamwork was high on the list, and it is internally very satisfying to have that done. There were some other things, but my book was the primary focus.

For 2009, I plan to invest my time along some different avenues from the past few years. With the first book done, there are other projects that I will focus on. Although I have a fantastic idea for book #2, it will have to wait until 3Q, if it happens at all this year. Some things can be planned for, others dreamed about, and still others depend on “seeing how it goes”.

I hope my work has been of benefit to you during 2008, and I hope that it continues to be so as this new year unfolds.

Happy New Year!

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