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Almost Time to Head Off

It’s almost time to bid farewell to New Zealand for a couple of weeks, and head to the US for a week of consulting and workshops, and then across to Europe for the same. As per my trip schedule, I have stops in Santa Monica, Chicago, Atlanta, St Louis, Vienna, London, Copenhagen, Switzerland, and maybe Paris. What’s the word for such travel? Grueling, I think.

Anyway … I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking with many new people … some of whom I have spoken to by phone, and many of whom I have not. If there was one summary line about my main message it’s this: it’s time for the business side of the house to take a lead with SharePoint.

The two sub-points on business taking a lead with SharePoint are:
– macro-governance of SharePoint. The current emphasis on micro-governance of SharePoint will not save it within organizations;
– effective user adoption, to lead people to changing the way they work so as to improve business and team performance.

I hope we get a chance to meet.

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