Europe Tour on SharePoint with J.Boye

So I’m going to Europe for a week in late March and early April 2009, at the invitation of the J.Boye industry analyst firm. I’ll be presenting three master classes on SharePoint, a workshop for one of the J.Boye community of practice groups, and I have a day allocated for client consulting.

Here’s my schedule:
– Monday March 30: Vienna for SharePoint Master Class
– Tuesday March 31: London for SharePoint Master Class
– Wednesday April 1: Copenhagen for SharePoint Master Class
– Thursday April 2: Copenhagen for Community of Practice workshop
– Friday April 3: Consulting Day

So … if you’ve read any of my materials on SharePoint and found them helpful, or recently acquired a copy of my book (Seamless Teamwork), then register early.

And if you are interested in having me at your firm on the Friday, then please get in contact ASAP. First in …

0 thoughts on “Europe Tour on SharePoint with J.Boye

  1. Michael,
    Congrets .. Nice trip, nice cities and awesome topic to talk about 🙂
    PLease let me know if you have a stopover in Amsterdam at all.
    Our Dutch Office is at the airport and a ‘must see’ from a ‘New World of Work perspective’ if you have the time

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