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Europe Tour in October 2010

Following on from my note last week about the cancellation of my June 2010 tour of Europe, there has been a flurry of discussion about an October trip instead. At this time, I’ll be Europe for the first two weeks of October. Current engagements that have days associated […]

Europe Tour in June 2010 is Cancelled

Ten days ago my Europe Tour for June 2010 was looking great. I had a keynote presentation to deliver at a SharePoint conference, a few days of consulting here and there, and a couple of SharePoint Roadmap masterclasses to present. I was scheduled to leave on June 19, […]

Update on my June 2010 Europe Trip

I’m heading back to Europe in 9 weeks (gulp), for various follow-ons to my March 2010 tour. Having paid my flight tickets yesterday, I’m hoping the airline disruptions are well and truly over by June! Anyway, here’s my schedule: – June 22-24, Germany (masterclass on the Tuesday, ShareConf […]

Europe Tour in June 2010: I'm Coming Back!

I’m heading back to Europe in June for a number of follow-on and new engagements after my Europe trip earlier this month. I will: – be running the SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass in Germany on June 22. – be speaking at a conference in Germany June 23-24. […]

End of Ireland; London Awaits

My day and a half in Ireland are basically done, and it’s time to head to my final destination before going back to New Zealand. I’ve been away since February … it feels like a long time now. I’m looking forward to being back. Anyhow … The two […]

Insomnia in Ireland

I’ve been in Europe for 12 days now; will be back in New Zealand in 4 days. With having to totally reverse my wake / sleep pattern due to the 12 hour time difference between where I normally live and where I’ve been working for the past few […]

Ireland: Night Falls

Got to my hotel in London last night at 10pm. Slept (fitfully). Up at 6am for breakfast, then took the bus back to Heathrow. Did the security checks, got on the plane, flew to Ireland, found the taxis were on strike, so experienced the bus from the Dublin […]