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It’s just about 7.30am on Sunday morning in London. I have been up since 4am, having collapsed in exhaustion at 8pm last night. I slept okay – not soundly, but okay. It look 36 hours to travel door-to-door from my home in New Zealand to my hotel in […]

Europe Tour in October 2010

Following on from my note last week about the cancellation of my June 2010 tour of Europe, there has been a flurry of discussion about an October trip instead. At this time, I’ll be Europe for the first two weeks of October. Current engagements that have days associated […]

Europe Tour in June 2010 is Cancelled

Ten days ago my Europe Tour for June 2010 was looking great. I had a keynote presentation to deliver at a SharePoint conference, a few days of consulting here and there, and a couple of SharePoint Roadmap masterclasses to present. I was scheduled to leave on June 19, […]

Update on my June 2010 Europe Trip

I’m heading back to Europe in 9 weeks (gulp), for various follow-ons to my March 2010 tour. Having paid my flight tickets yesterday, I’m hoping the airline disruptions are well and truly over by June! Anyway, here’s my schedule: – June 22-24, Germany (masterclass on the Tuesday, ShareConf […]

Europe Tour in June 2010: I'm Coming Back!

I’m heading back to Europe in June for a number of follow-on and new engagements after my Europe trip earlier this month. I will: – be running the SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass in Germany on June 22. – be speaking at a conference in Germany June 23-24. […]

End of Ireland; London Awaits

My day and a half in Ireland are basically done, and it’s time to head to my final destination before going back to New Zealand. I’ve been away since February … it feels like a long time now. I’m looking forward to being back. Anyhow … The two […]

Insomnia in Ireland

I’ve been in Europe for 12 days now; will be back in New Zealand in 4 days. With having to totally reverse my wake / sleep pattern due to the 12 hour time difference between where I normally live and where I’ve been working for the past few […]