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One Week on the PC …

It’s been a week since I switched back to a Windows machine. If I hadn’t said publicly that I was going to, I’m not sure I would have stayed 🙂 Main observations: – The keyboard on the Lenovo is much more clicky than the MacBook Pro keyboard. Much […]

"Hello, I'm a PC"

On July 29, 2003 I switched from Windows to Mac. I had used Windows as my main computing platform for 12 years, and was frankly fed up with its instability. Well, after 5 years on the Mac platform, today I switched back to Windows, and demoted my MacBook […]

Gone Fishing … back October 13

The printed edition of Seamless Teamwork is done, KMWorld has come and gone, I’ve recovered from my US trip … so it’s time for a vacation. The New Zealand countryside awaits, and more importantly, so does my family. I’ll be back on the 13th. Grace to you.

Tourist in Sydney

I am in Sydney this week for the Open Publish Conference, which starts in 3 hours. And I am here with my Dad, who came with me … I’ll be doing the conference thing, and he’ll be doing the tourist thing. I haven’t been to Sydney in tourist […]

How to Write a Book

With the manuscript for my first book, Seamless Teamwork, almost wrapped up, I have been reflecting on the process of writing a book. If I do it again — and yes I have ideas of books that need to be written — I would do some things differently. […]

Changes Afoot

I’m experimenting with a few changes around here … I have changed the name of the blog from Effective Collaboration to Working with People You Can’t Be With. For many of the people I deal with, the new name means something, whereas the old name drew “So what […]

15 Minutes on the Soccer Field

The sun is setting on the horizon, there’s about 30 minutes of sunlight remaining. Two sisters, on opposing teams, combined with 10 of their children, play soccer on the green field. There’s five 9 and over, three between 5 and 8, and two under 4. The goals are […]