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He Works Out All Things

Written early Monday morning …

Today marks the beginning of inhouse editions of the Seamless Teamwork Seminar, a 3 hour presentation of the main ideas of my book Seamless Teamwork. I have four to deliver today and tomorrow — two in Melbourne (Australia), and two in Sydney (Australia). Two are for a large corporate, two are with the local chapters of the Intranet Leadership Forum, run by Step Two Designs. It’s going to be a full-on couple of days!

As my day started at 4am, it was with great joy that I saw God at work in the small and mundane details of my upcoming day.

I’m taking one of Nicholas Bate‘s “A-Z of Excellence” cards each day (highly recommended), and today’s one was “K is Killer App”. The line at the bottom said it all: “There comes a point when there are no more techniques, no more books to read, no more courses to attend, no more time for planning. Simple tackle it. Simply do it.” Today is one of those “points”, and the reminder to “simply do it” was fantastic.

My first seminar starts in the middle of Melbourne at 10am. My plane lands at 9.05am. The trip in by taxi is at least 30 minutes. That gives me 15-20 minutes to clear customs in Australia. I am traveling with only carry-on luggage, so as long as I can get to the custom’s counters quickly, I’m good. At least, that’s my thinking. But what’s the number 1 condition for getting there quickly? Sitting at the front of the plane, or near to it. So … after getting to the airport on time (2 hours before departure), and then waiting in line for 35 minutes, I get to the agent. “Would seat 1A be okay with you?” she asks. “Yes, that will be just perfect.”

I have some writing to do on the plane, and airplane seats aren’t all that great for doing so. Row 1, seats A-C have no barrier directly in front of them. I can stretch out my legs. I can open my computer and type freely. And what’s more, seats 1B and 1C are empty. It’s just me … with room to spread out my bag and writing gear, and then to type. Again, I see God at work in details such as this. Wow.

As I said, it’s neat to see God at work in all things, even the apparently small and mundane. At least, those that are small and mundane in comparison to other things, such as making sure the universe keeps turning aright.

Later update …
Arrived Melbourne on Monday morning at 9am, but it took until 9.15am to disembark. I was on the curb side within 7 minutes (no checked in luggage), and in the seminar room at 9.59am. Perfect …