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What's the Big Idea?

“What’s the big idea?” is a question that has been perplexing me for some time about my work. How do I fit everything into each day? What do I stand for? What is the ethos and intent of my work? For whom do I work, that is, what […]

Valentine's Day 2008

My mother-in-law (Edna) is a treasure. She is truly wonderful, and is loved by all who know her. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day here, and it’s pretty hard with a newborn baby and 7 older children to go out to a restaurant for a meal with just Katrina … […]

Thanks Apex Trampolines!

We needed new safety pads for our trampoline. A quick Google search turned up a couple of options in New Zealand. I ordered ours from Apex Trampoline Mats Ltd in Auckland, and when they arrived on Saturday, I was taken with the excellent quality of the workmanship. Kudos […]

Holidays are …

Holidays are: – Packing up vehicle and trailer, with clothes and bedding and food for three days away – Strange holiday houses, and small too – Six children sleeping in a room designed for two – Different smells – Instructions at the beach, “don’t get your shoes wet”, […]

Interesting Times

The past two weeks have been very “interesting”. My left hand and wrist showed signs of RSI, with extreme pain in being touched, bumped, twisted or used for typing. When you live your professional life glued to a keyboard, the latter isn’t very helpful! So I’ve had to […]